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Paul J. Spetrini Photography

Welcome to Paul J. Spetrini Photography


Paul J. Spetrini,  Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

     Hello! My name is Paul J. Spetrini. I am a Rhode Island wedding photographer based out of Warwick, Rhode Island who specializes in shooting in a photojournalistic style. With over 15 years of experience as a journalist in the newspaper and print industry, as well as a number of awards on a state, regional and national level, my work is well known throughout the Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts area. In addition, I regularly shoot for a variety of publications, newspapers, photography companies and professional websites, as well as privately for a number of clients with a wide range of needs.

     On this website, my focus is exclusively wedding photography. While I enjoy shooting all types of events and in all types of styles, my true passion is helping brides and grooms like you on one of the most special days of their lives. 

     I've been blessed over the past couple of years to see this business of mine, which started out in 2010 with nothing more than a borrowed camera and a stomach full of butterflies, blossom into a thriving company that has grown by leaps and bounds and gets bigger every day. 

     It is my goal to become one of the most well-known wedding photographers in New England but my true passion will always remain creating unique and timeless photos for real couples having real life weddings on a real life budget. And as I continue this incredible journey one photograph at a time, it is my sincere hope that you will regularly visit this site and let me know what you think so that I can continue to improve with each click of the shutter.

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***** A Special Note regarding Coronavirus *****

     I've been debating for the last three days exactly how to phrase this. And, truthfully, there's no good way to so I'm just going to write it and hope for the best.
     To my 2020 brides and grooms, and really to anyone considering booking me for this year in the future, I know you're likely worried about coronavirus and the affect it may or may not have on your upcoming wedding.
     I am too.
     But now is not the time to panic.
     Because of this, I want to clearly outline what measures I'm taking should you want/need to reschedule your wedding with me.
     Plainly put, I am making this as simple as possible.
     First and foremost, if your wedding is canceled by your venue due to this virus or because the government won't allow large gatherings, there is a two step process for what we will do next.
     1.) If you need to reschedule your wedding date and you move your wedding to a date I am available, I would love to remain your photographer. In this event, we'll revise your contract and change the date. There are no fees for rescheduling your wedding date with me. Period.
     2.) If you need to reschedule your wedding date and your move your wedding to a date I am not available, I will waive any and all cancellation fees in your contract and send you a list of other photographers who I recommend when I am unavailable. These folks are people I personally trust, who I have personally worked with and who I would book myself. They are of similar style, personality and (usually) price to what I offer. Once again: THERE WILL BE NO COST TO YOU TO CANCEL YOUR CONTRACT WITH ME due to this once-in-a-lifetime situation.
     In addition, all April and May brides will be given priority for the remainder of available dates I have in 2020.
     I will not be booking new couples for 2020 until I have checked in with my April and May clients to see what their plans are.
     If you are a current couple of mine and this is a situation you are facing, please rest assured I will make this as easy as possible for you.
     My full wedding calendar is available on the front page of my website ( It lists every date I am currently booked for a wedding in 2020 and beyond.
     Why is this important?
     For many of you, especially my April and May brides, the fear and uncertainty of when life will return to normal can be nerve-wracking, especially with nothing to really distract you as we all adjust to life inside our houses waiting for this crisis to pass.
     But I promise I will continue to do everything I can to make this as easy as possible for you.
     So, for now, stay calm. Stay safe. Stay sane.
     We will all get through this together. There will be an end to this. And, when it's over, your wedding is going to be an amazing day you will never forget.
     That, I promise you.


Upcoming Events *

Welcome to

Paul J. Spetrini Photography

May 2020

• May 16th, 2020: Wedding #1-> First Christian Congregational, Agawan CC (Elizabeth Rudis)

• May 21st, 2020: Wedding #2-> Lake Pearl, Wrentham, Mass (Lindsey & Andrew)

June 2020

• June 13th, 2020: Wedding #3-> St. Barnabus Church, Cranston CC (Angel and Joshua)

• June 14th, 2020-> Rustic Wedding Expo (Expo tentative pending client rescheduling needs)

• June 20th, 2020: Wedding #4-> St. Rocco's Church/Warwick CC (Brittany and Giovanni)

July 2020

• July 9th, 2020: Wedding #5-> The Publick House, Sturbridge, Mass (Jennifer Thiele)

• July 11th, 2020: Wedding #6-> Lake Pearl, Wrentham, Mass (Jill and Kevin)

August 2020

• August 2nd, 2020: Wedding #7-> Saphire Estate, Sharon, Mass. (Ann and Andrew)

• August 8th, 2020: Wedding #8-> Blissful Meadows, Uxbridge, Connecticut (Leanne MacKenzie)

• August 22nd, 2020: Date on hold for potential coronavirus rescheduling

September 2020

• September 4th, 2020: Wedding #9-> Hotel Providence, Providence, RI (Porchia and Michael)

• September 5th, 2020: Wedding #10-> Lake Pearl, Wrentham, Mass (Julie and Donald)

• September 13th, 2020: Wedding #11-> Crystal Lake Golf Club, Mapleville, Rhode Island

• September 18th, 2020: Wedding #12-> Kinney Bungalow, Narragansett, RI (Lauren & Katelyn)

• September 19th, 2020: Wedding #13-> Private Residence, Franklin, Connecticut (Alena and Gabe)

• September 20th, 2020: Wedding #14-> Zuka's Hilltop Barn, Spencer, Mass. (Gina & Jonathan)

• September 27th, 2020: Wedding #15-> Squantum Association, Riverside, RI

October 2020

• October 10th, 2020: Wedding #16-> Camp Kiwanee, Hanson, Mass.

• October 11th, 2020: Wedding #17-> Crystal Lake, Mapleville, Rhode Island(Ashley Murphy) 

• October 16th, 2020: Wedding #18-> Blissful Meadows, Uxbridge, Connecticut (Ashley Murphy) 

• October 23rd-25th, 2020: Wedding #19-> Charlestown Yacht Club, Charlestown, South Carolina

November 2020

• November 1st, 2020: Rustic Bridal Show (Tentative pending client rescheduling needs)

• November 6th, 2020: Wedding #20-> Newport Vineyards, Middletown, RI (Giuliana and Amelia)

• November 21st, 2020: Wedding #21-> Cranston Country Club, Cranston, RI (Ashley Murphy) 

• November 22nd, 2020: Wedding #22-> Granite Rose, Hampstead, New Hampshire

December 2020

• December 5th, 2020: Wedding #23-> St. Jude the Apostle Church, Taunton, Mass.

• December 6th, 2020-April 1st, 2021-> Winter Hiatus (Limited Availability)

2021 & Beyondhley Murphy) 

• May 8th, 2021: Date on hold for potential client

• May 15th, 2021: Wedding #1-> Quonset "O" Club, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

• May 16th, 2021: Date on hold for potential coronavirus rescheduling

• May 21st, 2021: Date on hold for potential coronavirus rescheduling

• June 5th, 2021: Wedding #2-> Wright's Farm Restaurant, Burrillville, RI (Paige & Ryan)

• July 9th, 2021: Wedding #3-> Coachman's Lodge, Bellingham, Mass.

• July 31st, 2021: Wedding #4-> The Barn at Wight Farm, Sturbridge, Mass (Greenwell)

• August 21st, 2021: Date on hold for potential client

• August 27th, 2021: Date on hold for potential coronavirus rescheduling

• September 4th, 2021: Wedding #5-> Jones River Trading Post, Kingston, Mass.

• September 24th, 2021: Date on hold for potential coronavirus rescheduling

• October 16th, 2021: Wedding #6-> Crystal Lake Golf Club, Mapleville, Rhode Island (Emily & Joshua)

* Please note: This is not a comprehensive list of my upcoming schedule. As I work for five companies in addition to shooting for own business purposes, it is best to contact me if you are interested in booking me for a date not shown as unavailable above. 

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