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Chris & Heidi

Forty One North, Newport, Rhode Island

May 17th, 2014*

I'm a romantic at heart. And while that doesn't serve me well during romantic movies – I'll admit it, I'm suseptible to tears if the flick I'm watching gets me invested in its central characters – it's a great characteristic to have as a wedding photographer.

As Chris and Heidi's spring wedding in Newport back in May of this year, I couldn't help but listen to some of the sweetest, heartfelt messages between a bride and groom in front of their friends and family that I've ever heard. But I wasn't surprised. Seeing the look on their faces during the first look told me all I needed to know about this couple. And while the wind may have had some fun at Heidi's expense during the bridal portrait session, it was a fantastic day with an even better couple.

Check out some of my favorite shots here!

Oh, I forgot to mention. This was also the first wedding I had with a canine member of the wedding party. What a sweet dog. And, yes, I made sure to take many photos of this guy. He was so sweet and well-trained. 

I admit it. I have a selfie problem. Chances are, if I see someone in a wedding party--especially the bride or groom--taking a selfie or checking themselves out in their phone, I'm taking a photo of it. I especially love this photo for the great photo-bomb behind the groom's shoulder. If this photo doesn't scream "2014," I don't know what does.

I know I've said this before but I love a good "First Look." For this one, the bride chose to look out on the ocean while the groom walked to her. I love this photo for everything it represents about the excitement of seeing your bride for the first time and couldn't have asked for a better reaction photo below when the bride and groom exchanged personal gifts with each other. Great moment.

I told you that dog would be back. How cute is that photo? What a perfectly trained little guy. And his mini-tux and bow tie? How could you not see that and just melt? I LOVE that picture.

Thanks for sticking with this blog post all the way to the end. I hope you enjoyed the photos. As always, let me know what you think. I'll leave you here with two photos of some of the children at Chris & Heidi's reception. Talk about high fashion! 


* These photos were taken as part of my work for George Street Photography and are presented here strictly for portfolio/display purposes. 

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