Bridal Testimonials

It's one thing for a photographer to claim he or she does a good job. It's quite another for their clients and those they work with to say the same thing. Below, check out just a small sample of some of the positive reviews Paul J. Spetrini has received for his work from brides and grooms just like you.



     "The minute I sat down with Paul to talk for the first time, I had a great feeling about him and I am so glad we chose him. Our engagement photos were amazing. We had a Bonnie and Clyde theme. He had great ideas and they came out great so I knew our wedding pics would be just as great. On our wedding day, he showed up on time and ready to go. He made our wedding day so special and he interacted well with guests. Everyone loved him. Overall, I couldnt ask for a better photographer. I absolutely love all of the photos and the album as well! I will definitely hire him again for any future events!!"



     "Your wedding day is the best day of your life, but I don’t think anyone would disagree that it can also be very stressful. When planning our wedding, it was important to me and my husband that we hire a photographer we felt comfortable with. It is easy to look and feel stiff in professional photographs, and that’s not what we wanted. We already knew Paul from his work as a newspaper reporter and photographer, and thought the existing relationship would ease our nerves on the big day (which it did). We had perused his website and were impressed by his portfolio, but it could not do justice to the quality of service we received.

     Literally everyone we talked to after the wedding made comments about our photographer. They couldn’t believe how long he stayed or how hard he worked. Paul was all over the dance floor, and he truly went above and beyond to capture every moment. If he wasn’t with us, he was more than willing to take photos of guests who called him over, and he made that clear to everyone. He was so friendly to every single person, and really made our friends and family feel like they were an important part of the day, too. It really personalized the service and made the wedding that much more fun.

     During the formal group photos, Paul gave direction well without creating a stressful environment, and he made the whole process very laid back. At one of our initial meetings, he suggested we create a Pinterest board with wedding photos we liked, and also requested a list of formal shots that we considered “must haves.” Paul had both the Pinterest board and the request list with him the whole night, and checked each item off one by one so that no photos were missed. That was so important to us, because in the moment, it’s easy to forget a photo with this relative or that friend. I have a lot of friends and relatives who were so disappointed after their weddings to realize they missed an important shot. Paul didn’t miss a single thing. And when the sunset was just right, he gently pulled us out of the ballroom to grab a few shots of just me and my husband with the perfect backdrop. Those photos weren’t on the request list, but they are our favorite pictures from the whole night!

   I wrote a glowing review of Paul on Wedding Wire after seeing just three preview shots. That pretty much summarizes how hard he worked and how impressed we were by him. I didn’t need to see the rest to know that he was the perfect photographer for our wedding and that we had made the right choice. Now that we have our flash drive and DVD, we feel even more strongly that Paul is an excellent, professional photographer who is truly devoted to his clients and making their day special. All of the photos were great, and being able to get all of the best shots without reproduction limitations is so great – and not something all photographers offer. Combined with Paul’s prices, which are exponentially more reasonable than many other photographers we considered, I highly recommend his services for wedding and event photography. Thank you so much, Paul – you’re the best!"



     "Paul went above and beyond for our wedding. The day itself was very chaotic and a lot of things went wrong but Paul rolled with the punches and helped keep us calm. The wedding album with quotes is a unique keepsake we will treasure forever. I would recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you so much you really helped make our day a success! We will definitely be contacting you for future photography needs."



   "Planning for the 'Big Day' was stressful, but working with Paul was anything but!  Punctual, professional and personable, from start to finish we had no complaints with Paul!  It was truly a relief to know we were working with someone who was as dedicated, organized, and knowledgable as Paul.

     Paul gave us some amazing pictures. He captured the day perfectly.  We trusted his skills as a photographer and have no regrets in doing so.  I look forward to sharing these pictures with friends and family for many years to come.

     I plan on mentioning Paul to anyone looking for a really great photographer for their special event. His hard work and dedication is visible not only in the quality of his work as a photographer but in how he goes out of his way to accomodate his clients.  It was a wonderful experience to work with him!"



      "To me, choosing the right photographer was the biggest decision I had to make for our wedding day. All I wanted from my wedding (other than to marry my husband!) were pictures to remember the day and share with friends and family. Mark and I wanted a photographer who could capture the big 'I Do' moments as well as the simple, subtle moments that might otherwise be missed; Paul did both effortlessly!

     Mark and I absolutely LOVED our wedding pictures! Looking through them I began to relive the nerves, joy, and excitement of that day. We tried to keep our wedding fun and laid back and I think the pictures capture that atmosphere perfectly! It is truly difficult to choose 'favorite' pictures because Paul captured so many of our favorite moments, both posed and candid. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones you don’t know are being taken!

      A wedding photographer is perhaps the most important person, other than your spouse, that you can involve in your wedding day. They are the ones who capture snapshots of your love and those moments that took your breath away; having those memories to look back on is something that is absolutely priceless. I would not hesitate to hire Paul again to photograph an event or do a photo-shoot. He is great! He was professional, fun and able to go with the flow. He allowed us and our wedding guests to be ourselves and he simply photographed it! He spent most of his time looking around through his camera lens making sure he captured every special moment on film and I am so thankful to have those memories as something tangible that my husband and I can look at and remember the excitement and love of that day.

     I would recommend Paul to anyone looking for a photographer that is willing and able to work with you and go above and beyond what you’d ever expect. Paul will spend time getting to know you and learning what kind of pictures you are looking for so he can provide you with the best possible memories of your day. He will listen to you, give you advice if needed, and make sure that you’re comfortable leaving this important job in his hands!



   "Damien and I hired Paul because we were blown away with the photos he took of my best friend's wedding the year prior. After seeing the amount of effort he put into taking the time to make sure he did everything she wanted showed me he would be extremely attentive to us. We were right! He captured all of the little moments that we didn't get to see and surprised us with our family's view of the day.

     What we liked about having Paul as our photographer was that he listened to what we wanted and what we didn't want. He was able to carefully map out the day and the formal shoot to fit our style and also made sure to take pictures of the grandparents first so they could get inside to cool down. Paul took many candid shots that we didn't even remember and we got to pick up all the details of the day that we missed."



     "Paul had come recommended to us by a close friend. We instantly knew he would be the perfect candidate for our wedding. His attention to detail & enthusiasm surpassed all expectations! Paul is clearly passionate about photography and prideful of his work.

     When we received our photos back from Paul, we were in awe. Not a single moment was missed, and all our memories were captured right there in front of us to cherish forever.

     We would recommend Paul to everyone planning a wedding or any special event. He not only impressed us, but was accommodating to every request, including advice to help us get the perfect shots! Our wedding photos are incredible, and continue to bring tears to our eyes remembering that special day. Our wedding day was amazing, and thanks to Paul, we can see and remember it everyday as if it were yesterday."

Paul J. Spetrini is a Rhode Island wedding photographer.

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