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Priscilla & Justin

Hotel Viking, Newport, Rhode Island

December 13th, 2014*

Whenever I hear a couple say that they just got engaged and are planning a wedding, I can usually pinpoint roughly what month that wedding is going to take place in because, quite honestly, the majority of couples want to exchange vows either during the summer or early fall. This is especially true in Rhode Island, where there's nothing quite as beautiful as summer in Newport or as rich and colorful as fall in North Kingstown. So anytime I'm lucky enough to shoot a wedding in December, it usually stands out for a number of reasons. Priscilla and Justin's wedding in Newport last December was definitely no exeception and was a great way to close out 2014.

For one thing, I was lucky enough to be the second shooter of this wedding. What that means is that my job is to accentuate the coverage of the lead photographer and this usually allows me to sit back and be creative, such as the photo above of one of Priscilla's bridesmaids, Vanessa, getting her makeup applied. Rather than just getting the straight-on shot of Vanessa, I was able to sit back and look for something unique and different and I think this reflection shot is exactly that. 

But perhaps the best part of being a second shooter on this day was getting to spend so much time with the groom. Justin and his groomsmen were a blast and, just minutes after arriving, I could tell this was going to be a fun wedding. Not only were they all huge wrestling fans, which automatically made them great in my book, they were also a blast to watch interact.  

Justin and Priscilla had been together for 13 years before tying the knot in December and it showed as the groom showed no signs of fear or nervousness during preparation. And that just made everything a little bit more fun when it came time to do some formal shots in a park near the ceremony site.

Whether it was re-enacting the final scene from Rocky III, pretending to be characters from the Street Figher video game series or posing like professional wrestlers, Justin and his guys were open to any and all ideas and it's hard to ask for anything more than that from a group of groomsmen. Not that everything was lighthearted of course. When it came time to get serious, Justin and Priscilla had a wedding ceremony that was both beautiful and classy. It was the best of both worlds.

Part of that was the sheer beauty of the bride. While it's easy to say everyone looks their best on their wedding day, it's hard to argue how stunning Priscilla and her bridesmaids all looked on this unseasonably warm December evening. From the moment she walked into the church site, Priscilla took everyone's breath away, especially her soon-to-be husband.

Wedding ceremonies like the one Priscilla and Justin had are why I love this business. As they stood next to each other committing to a lifetime together, the love and emotion they both felt in that moment was obvious to anyone watching. And once they finally said "I do," it was as if the whole vibe of the night changed ... and the party started.

Without question, Priscilla and Justin had the most beautiful lighting of any wedding I was fortunate enough to photograph in 2014. Thanks to some fantastic up-lighting, the colors were bold and vibrant throughout the reception hall and it really made the decorations and photos pop because of it.

All in all, I had a great time photographing Priscilla and Justin's wedding. While December weddings are rare, if done right they can also be beautiful, classy and timeless. So if you're engaged and planning your big day, don't limit yourself to just considering summer or early fall for your nuptuals. Because there's nothing quite like a winter wedding in Rhode Island and love is beautiful regardless of the season. 


* These photos were taken as part of my work for George Street Photography and are presented here strictly for portfolio/display purposes. 

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