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Ryan & Jessica

St Veronica's Chapel (Ceremony)/ The Narragansett Towers (Reception), Narragansett, Rhode Island

August 23rd, 2014*

I've worked in the Southern Rhode Island area for almost a decade now and, despite this, I never really understood the love for the Towers in Narragansett. To me, it was just another building next to the beach. Then I got to shoot a wedding there.

This past August, I was fortunate enough to photograph Ryan and Jessica's wedding reception at the Towers and I've got to say, it was a beautiful venue. One that really stands out to me in a year of beautiful venues. Want to know why? Scroll down. 

Before I could get to the Towers, however, there was this little thing called a wedding ceremony to shoot first. Luckily for me, Ryan and Jessica chose St. Veronica's Chapel which, conveniently, was a few miles away from the reception site and absolutely beautiful inside.

This was only my second church wedding but it was a gorgeous site and home to a truly touching ceremony.

There are a lot of things I loved about Ryan and Jessica's ceremony, not the least of which were the couple themselves. Not only could you see they were excited, they also appeared to be having fun during the event. In fact, there weren't a lot of photos taken during the ceremony where one, if not both, of them weren't beaming and blushing to the max.

My absolute favorite part of Ryan and Jessica's ceremony, though, was the exit. Maybe it was the look on their faces, that was an equal mix of excitement for the wedding reception soon to follow and a sign of relief that their ceremony was officially in the books, but when I got home after this event and saw the two photos above, all I could say to myself was "There's a happy couple." That's all I ever ask.

And now onto the Towers. While I've been inside this building more times than I can count as part of my main job as a newspaper journalist/photographer, I'd never actually attended a full-on wedding reception on the property so I was interested to see how it would look all gussied up and ready to go. I was not disappointed. 

And outside it was even better. Thanks to some lucky timing, we were able to shoot Ryan and Jessica's photos right as the sun came down over the beach and the rocks were a beautiful touch on some seriously gorgeous photographs. 

And, after a great reception where the bride and groom danced the night away, the only thing that would have made things even better is if I got to do some night photography with the Towers in the background. But, hey, there's always 2015 right? 


* These photos were taken as part of my work for George Street Photography and are presented here strictly for portfolio/display purposes. 

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