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*NEW* Jennifer & Mark's Wedding Photos Added!

I love the way weddings bring people together.

More so than any other life event, weddings are the one time in life when you're almost always guaranteed to see two distinct groups of people coming together for a full day's worth of activities all in the name of supporting a bride, a groom or both.

And that's why I got such a kick out of Jennifer and Mark's September wedding at the Roger Williams Park Temple of Music.

Jennifer and Mark met in college and their beautiful early fall wedding was a true blending of two families from two cultures. But seeing them interact? Man. That was almost better than the wedding itself as many of these individuals were meeting for the first time but looked like long-lost friends at one of the most fun receptions I've seen this year.

I say almost better than the wedding itself because as fun as this reception was, it pales in comparison to what was, without question, one of the most stunning ceremonies I've EVER seen. The Temple of Music, one of Rhode Island's coolest landmarks, was a downright amazing choice for this couple's nuptials. Don't believe me? Check out Jennifer and Mark's big day and see for yourself.

So, check out this week's new blog on Jennifer & Mark's September wedding by clicking here. As always, thanks for following along and let me know what you think!

-PJS 10/17/16

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