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*NEW* Meridith & Matthew's Wedding Photos Added!

I've often believed that WHERE you choose have your wedding says a lot about you and, for most of my wedding clients, the location of their ceremony and/or reception is a perfect reflection of both their personality and their identity as a couple.

For Meridith and Matthew, who got married on a rainy spring day in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the statement was "We want our wedding to be different, not stuffy and totally fun." And boy was it.

Meridith and Matthew were married at the Hope Artist Village in Pawtucket and it's only fitting as the entire area is a monument dedicated to creativity and passion.

Whether it's the walls that honor the musicians inducted into the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame, the cool little boutique shops where you can find just about every art or craft you can imagine, an rustic bowling alley upstairs or the rocking club atmosphere of the Met (where live music and dancing rule the world), there is literally something for everyone with an ounce of fun inside of them.

I can think of no more fitting venue for this couple's big day as Meridith and Matthew were one of the most relaxed and down-to-earth couples I've worked with and their wedding day was a beautiful extension of their love and relationship together.

But, above all and in true Rhode Islander form, it was a "wicked" good time.

So, if you're a fan of fun weddings and want to see how I started off my 2017 wedding season, check out Meridith & Matthew's big day by clicking here.

As always, thanks for the follow and let me know what you think!

-PJS 6/6/17

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