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Venus de Milo Restaurant Wedding

Keirys & Jhair

     One of the nicest things about being a wedding photographer is forming a bond with a couple from the first time you meet until you present the final wedding images. In that time, you get to see their excitement for their big day grow and, if you do shoot it the right way, you get the preserve the culmination of a year (or more) worth of planning in a series of photos that will stand the test of time.

     I knew the moment I met Keirys and Jhair that their wedding would be one to remember and after one of my all-time favorite engagement photo sessions (which you can see by clicking here), it seems only fitting that their wedding photos are by far some of my personal favorites.

     To say this early spring wedding lived up to my expectations is a massive understatement. This was, by far, one of my favorite weddings and I'm happy to finally share some of what I consider the best photos I've ever taken.


     Like all good weddings, my day with Keirys and Jhair started with bridal and groom prep. Both were incredibly relaxed and ready to get the show on the road and, perhaps more so than any couple I've ever seen, neither looked particularly nervous.

     I knew when we shot our engagement photo session that Keirys and Jhair were destined to have a very stylish wedding and, boy, did they deliver. In addition to the classic car above, Keirys had a bunch of small details that just popped with her beautiful white dress.


     And, of course, not to be outdone the couple chose a traditional Catholic church deep in the heart of Providence (Where I went to Kindergarten and first grade no less) that was breathtaking in both size and detail. 

     The only time Jhair looked nervous at all was when Keirys walked down the aisle but, considering how absolutely beautiful she was, you'll have to forgive him if he got a little bit choked up and fought back tears for a brief moment. 


     After a beautiful ceremony, we headed to the front of the church for some incredible photos on the church steps, a must-have for any Catholic wedding as these buildings are mind blowing and majestic. And while we didn't have a ton of time for this portion of the day, we more than made up for it during our formal photo session at the reception site and in the surrounding areas. In my opinion, these formal photos are a perfect reflection of Keirys and Jhair as a couple and have a special elegance to them that I'll never forget.


     We never really planned a theme for Keirys and Jhair's formal photo session but sometimes you don't have to. Instead, we let the moments captured speak for themselves and, in doing so, found images that left both the bride and groom speechless. 

     While everyone wants a beautiful and classic ceremony, what many remember the most from any good wedding is the party afterward and if you spent more than 15 minutes with this wedding party, you knew right away this would be one that lived up to the hype.

     Keirys and Jhair were together for 10 years before they got married. And their reception, as expected, proved to be well worth the wait.

     But while moments like the toasts and first dance were as classy as could be, what I'll always remember was the dancing.

     Oh, the dancing. There was so much dancing.

     By the end of the night, anyone standing on the floor of the Venus de Milo restaurant could see the love Keirys and Jhair had not only for each other but for all their friends and families as well and, honestly, that vibe was contagious. In a way, I never wanted the party to end (Even if my aching feet felt otherwise.)

     In the end, the wedding of Keirys and Jhair was everything I could have ever asked for and so, so, so much more. One of my favorite couples of all-time, Keirys and Jhair were the perfect subjects. The two were open to any idea, had great taste in both photos and style and, when all was said and done, provided me with an almost incalculable amount of perfect moments to document.

     I can truly say I was honored and privileged to play a small part in helping capture the most important day of their lives and, if I'm lucky, I'll have couples as awesome as these two for the rest of my career.

     What a start to 2015. This is going to be a great year indeed!

-Paul J. Spetrini

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