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     It's often said that one of the best ways to grow as a wedding photographer is to write a recurring blog featuring some of your clients. It helps connect you with your readers and let's you show your voice to the world in ways the images don't themselves always convey. 

     For this reason, in the fall of 2014 I began a newly-designed photo blog specifically for my wedding photography that I hoped would ultimately lead me to telling some of the stories behind my favorite photos. Little did I know it would evolve into something much, much more than that. 

     This blog is a chance for me to document my thoughts about each and every wedding I shoot. Some of them are my George Street weddings where I will likely never see the couple again, and those blogs provide a historical record of the day in question. Others are from my own personal clients and allow me the chance to showcase what I consider the best work from those sessions in an easy-to-access webpage that my clients can see for themselves and show to their friends and families. 

     Either way, I thoroughly enjoy writing these blogs and hope you enjoy reading them. With that being said, have a look and let me know what you think. This blog will update regularly throughout wedding season. Enjoy!

Arrowhead Acres wedding photos
Pilgrim Lutheran Church wedding photos

Michelle & Evan

     I'm a believer that having a great attitude can make or break a wedding so when I found out Michelle & Evan's nuptials were going to take place on an unseasonably cold afternoon in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, I knew the success of the day would rest on the bride and groom's shoulders.

     Thankfully, this isn't a couple that's afraid of slightly chilly weather and Michelle and Evan not only stayed positive on their wedding day, they absolutely crushed it. See why I loved this wedding so much by clicking here.

Dennis & Amber

     If you've ever been on Pinterest or in a craft store, you've likely seen the phrase "Life isn't measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away." It's a bit of a cliche but, I'll be honest, sometimes we've heard these cliches for a reason.

     Of all the weddings I've shot this year, that mantra best describes Dennis and Amber's big day and if you want to see why it's so much more than just a cliche for these two, check out the moments that made their wedding special by clicking here.

Quonset O Club wedding photos

Alyson & Nick

     I often joke with couples about giving discounts for their "next" weddings but it's rare that I actually get to shoot more than one of these events for any particular bride or groom. Unless you're Alyson and Nick.

     With their "official" wedding taking place back in September at the Quonset "O Club, Alyson and Nick were married a year to the date after they eloped and became husband and wife in 2018. 

     As much fun as shooting their elopement was, though, their wedding was even better and you can see why by clicking here.

Five Bridge Inn wedding photos
Chamberlain Farm wedding photos

Jocelyn & Ricardo

     I'm a huge believer that a positive attitude is must-have for any couple planning a wedding and few people I've worked with have been as happy, bubbly and downright fun to be around as Jocelyn and Ricardo.

     Their energy is infectious and their love is so true that you just couldn't help but smile as they said "I do" back in September and no matter how crazy the day got, that positive attitude played a key role in keeping their focus on what mattered most.

     I loved Jocelyn and Ricardo's wedding and you can see why by clicking here.

Brittany & Alisa

     It's easy to set your expectations too high for events you're looking forward to but, in my heart, I knew no matter how great I imagined Brittany and Alisa's September wedding to be, it would somehow be better.

     And I was right. 

     Brittany and Alisa's Chamberlain Farm wedding was sweet, sentimental and, above all, downright fun. 

     If you want to see why I adored these two brides so much, and why their wedding is easily one of my favorites in 2019 so far, click here.

Rhode Island wedding photography

Nicole & Tyler

     Whenever I meet a couple who tells me they they were high school sweethearts, I smile a little on the inside because I know their wedding day is going to be just a little bit extra special and Nicole and Tyler were no exception to that rule. 

     Whether it was their adorable first look, their super sweet but funny wedding ceremony or their rowdy reception, this was one night that lived up to a lifetime of expectations. 

     Don't believe me? See for yourself by clicking here.

Allendale Country Club wedding photos

Yesica & Edwin

     I'm a firm believer that love is universal and you don't need to understand what people are saying to know what they're feeling.

     That's one of the reasons why I loved Yesica and Edwin's Spanish-language wedding ceremony and reception back in August so much.

     Yesica and Edwin were married on a picture perfect day and their love for each other was undeniable whether or not you speak their language. Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Newport Rhode Island wedding photos

Alysa & Michael

     Every couple that plans a beach wedding has a vision in their mind of a bright, beautiful summer day where they say "I do" with a perfect backdrop for all their friends and family to adore. But life isn't perfect. 

     Perhaps that's why I loved Alysa and Michael's wedding day back in August as an overcast and gloomy day had nothing on the bright and radiant couple getting married. 

     Alysa and Michael were one of the sweetest couples I've worked with I absolutely LOVED their wedding day. Want to see if for yourself? Click here.

Ocean House wedding photos

Sarah & Chris

     When you're a wedding photographer in Rhode Island, sometimes you just have to stop and stare at the amazing places you get to visit and couples you get to meet.

     And that was exactly what I had to do on a beautiful August afternoon as I got to document the wedding of Sarah and Chris at Ocean House in Westerly.

     Perhaps one of the most stunning venues I've ever seen, and featuring one of the sweetest couples, Sarah and Chris had a picture perfect wedding day and you can see if for yourself by clicking here.

Fort Adams State Park wedding photos

Kelsey & Andrew

     It doesn't take much to make me excited about shooting a wedding but when I found out Kelsey and Andrew's big day would feature a groom in a full kilt, plenty of traditional Scottish wedding moments AND a reception at Fort Adams State Park in Newport? I knew this one would be special.

     And, boy, was it ever. 

     Kelsey and Andrew's wedding was one of the most positive, uplifting and downright fun weddings I've ever seen and if you love how that sounds, trust me, you need to check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Terrydiddle Farm wedding photos

Kayla & Chris

     There are so many things that go into making a wedding special but the thing that matters most are the people saying "I do."

     And throughout Kayla and Chris' August wedding day at Terrydiddle Farm in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, it was impossible to forget this.

     Kayla and Chris had a beautiful wedding but it was the little moments between the two of them, and the smiles that seemingly never left their faces, that made it one of my favorite weddings of 2019 so far. See why for yourself by clicking here.

Audubon Society of Rhode Island wedding

Cara & Josh

     One of my favorite things to do when talking to a couple for the first time about their wedding photography needs is to think about the venue(s) they've chosen and wonder what it says about them and the day they're planning. 

     Few couples have ever chosen a location to get married at that better sums up their spirit than Cara and Josh, who were married in August at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island. 

    Check out why this was venue was the only chose for this couple by clicking here.

Quidnessett Country Club bride and groom

Amanda & Thomas

     I'm often lost for words when a couple's wedding day seems to sneak up on us and come out of nowhere but, in the case of Amanda and Thomas, I can hardly be blamed as I didn't even meet them until six weeks before they said "I do."

     Thankfully, it didn't take long for us to feel like we've known each other for years. And I'm glad that's the way it went as Amanda and Thomas were so much fun to work with and really had one of the nicest wedding days I've seen this year. See why for yourself by clicking here.

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Cranston Country Club bride and groom fo

Kaitlyn & Evan

     Wedding planning has the tendency to strip away a couple's personality in favor of a more "acceptable" approach to one of the biggest days of your life. 

     And that's why I love when brides and grooms stick to who they are and have a celebration of what makes them different.

     Kaitlyn and Evan certain did and, to me, that's why their beautiful, vibrant and funky spirit wedding day was such a success.

     See what I mean for yourself by checking out their big day and my favorite photos from it by clicking here.

Graduate Providence wedding reception ph

Andrew & Hina

     A key to being a good photographer is to always be ready for the unexpected and things don't get much more expected than a couple who hires you to shoot their wedding six weeks before the date. 

     But that's exactly what happened when Andrew and Hina stopped over at my booth during a bridal expo in April and their wedding at Graduate Providence, while unexpected, was a pleasure surprise indeed.

     See why for yourself by checking out some of my favorite photos from their big day by clicking here.

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Paul J. Spetrini is a Rhode Island wedding photographer.

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