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No, seriously, that's how I'm going to start my 'About Me' page.


     If you've made it this far into my website, you've seen some of my work but you might still be asking yourself “Who is this guy and why should I care?” Well, here are four things about me that sum me up pretty well:

     * I'm an award-winning photographer, writer and designer who has been honored by the Rhode Island Press Association with more than seven awards in their annual competition.

     * With over 130 five-star ratingsI have been named one of New England's best wedding photographers by couples just like you and have won prestigious awards from the Knot (Best of Weddings 2018-2022) and WeddingWire (Couple's Choice Award winner 2016-2022).

     * I've been involved in journalism in Rhode Island for 17 years and, when I'm not out 


shooting weddings and engagement sessions for awesome couples, I work as a photographer/page designer for the Independent and Newport Daily News Newspapers.

     * In my free time, I love nothing more than laying down on my couch and watching Netflix. Honestly. If left unchecked, I'll watch nine episodes of Survivor, a season of Supernatural or binge-watch the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (Especially Wandavision) before I even know what hit me.

Why does any of this matter?

    Well, if you're here looking for a wedding photographer, you need to find someone you like and someone you can work with. You need to find someone that makes you relax and smile on the most stressful day of your life. You need to find someone that will go above and beyond for you and treat you as more than just another paycheck or another folder of files on a hard drive. That's where I come in.

     I've been shooting photos professionally for over a decade and, in that time, I've learned the most important thing that I can do to get the best results possible is establish a real relationship with my clients that goes far beyond the typical photographer-photographee (Is that even a word?) roles.

     That's why the first thing I ask ALL of my potential wedding clients to do at a consultation is, simply, “Tell me about your wedding.”

     It's that simple really.

     Your day is about you, not about anyone else, and I aim to tell your story, on your terms and within your budget.

Yes, I mentioned the word budget ...

     ... and, no, it wasn't a mistake. In fact, it's one of the main reasons I started shooting weddings.

     In 2010 when my wife and I were planning on getting married, we couldn't find a quality photographer who would show up to our big day for less than $3,000 (And that didn't even include the rights to our photos!) and I just knew there had to be a simpler way for couples like us to get high-quality photography at a price they could afford.

     And that's why I shoot weddings.

     I have a passion for wedding photography and I choose my clients very carefully. I am looking for regular, fun-loving couples with personalities who enjoy having a good time and want quality photos that they'll cherish for a lifetime.


That's literally the
extent of my pitch.

     At this point, you should know all you need to know about me (Bonus: I've been known to karaoke 80s music very loudly and very terribly) so if you're in the market for a wedding or special event photographer and you like my work, please feel free to contact me by clicking here.

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I love talking to people. I love telling stories. 

I want to tell yours.

     Beyond that, all I need to truly put a smile on my face is a large pizza, some cherry Coke and maybe some really funny internet memes I can share in a group chat.

     I'm a simple person really and I wouldn't want to be anyone else.

     Well, except maybe Batman.

     Seriously, he's a crime-fighting billionaire with an awesome costume and the ability to rappel through Gotham City.

     Who doesn't want to be Batman?

-Paul J. Spetrini


Gina and her bridesmaid share a toast prior to her December 2016 wedding ceremony at the Waterman Grille in Providence, Rhode Island.

Interested in meeting me and discussing your photography needs? Contact me here. 

Paul J. Spetrini is a Rhode Island Wedding Photography and won the WeddingWire Couples Choice Award for 2016.
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Paul J. Spetrini is a Rhode Island Wedding Photography and won the WeddingWire Couples Choice Award for 2016.
Paul J. Spetrini is a Rhode Island Wedding Photography and won the WeddingWire Couples Choice Award for 2016.
Paul J. Spetrini is a Rhode Island Wedding Photography and won the WeddingWire Couples Choice Award for 2016.
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