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     You know what's super frustrating as a bride or groom planning a wedding? Finding a vendor you love and want to work with ... but finding out they're already booked on the day you're getting married.

     As a wedding photographer, I see this happen so often and it's incredibly tough. As much as I'd like to photograph every wedding that comes my way, sometimes that's simply impossible as I have still not perfected the art of being in two places at once.

     Because of this, I decided a few years ago to open my calendar up for prospective clients in an effort to keep them fully informed on my availability or lack thereof. It is my hope that I am available for your wedding day but please use this guide below to check for yourself. If you don't see your date listed, there's a good chance I am available. I try to update this as often as is possible but, of course, I am only human so if you don't see your date listed as taken, on hold or unable below, please contact me and I'll make sure it's still available for you. 

     Dates are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Dates are initially placed on a temporary hold when a prospective client sets an appointment for a consultation. Following that consultation, dates are officially reserved for prospective clients for two weeks pending a signed contract. For more on the booking process, please read the Booking Section on my Frequently Asked Questions. 



• January 1st, 2023-March 1st, 2023-> Winter Hiatus (Limited Availability)

March 2nd-March 10th, 2023: WPPI 2023, Las Vegas, Nevada

• March 25th, 2023: Wedding #1-> Wyndham Newport Hotel, Newport, RI

• April 1st-2nd, 2023: Dates unavailable for bookings

• April 15th, 2023: Wedding #2-> Elks Lodge, Lawrence, Massachusetts

• April 21st, 2023: Wedding #3-> Five Bridge Inn, Rehoboth, Massachusetts

• April 23rd, 2023: Wedding #4-> Renaissance Golf Club, Haverhill, Massachusetts

• April 29th, 2023: Wedding #5-> Lobster Bar, Newport, Rhode Island

• May 6th, 2023: Wedding #6-> St. Christopher Church & Spencer Country Inn

• May 13th, 2023: Wedding #7-> Quonset 'O' Club, North Kingstown, RI

May 20th, 2023: Wedding #8-> Private Residence, Bedford, Massachusetts

• June 3rd, 2023: Wedding #9-> Camp Hoffman, South Kingstown, RI

• June 4th, 2023: Wedding #10-> Twelve Acres, Smithfield, RI

• June 17th-19th, 2023: Wedding #11-> Strongwater Food and Spirits, Columbus, Ohio

June 24th, 2023: Second Shooter Wedding #1-> Pretty Nerdy Photography

July 1st, 2023: Wedding #12-> Crystal Lake Golf Club, Mapleville, Rhode Island

July 2nd-15th, 2023: Summer Hiatus (Dates unavailable for bookings.)

July 16th, 2023: Wedding #13-> Crystal Lake Golf Club, Mapleville, Rhode Island

July 17th, 2023: Wedding #14-> The Oceanview of Nahant, Nahant, Massachusetts 

• July 29th, 2023: Wedding #15-> Rachel's Lakeside, Dartmouth, Massachusetts

• August 12th, 2023: Wedding #16-> Providence G., Providence, RI

• August 20th, 2023: Wedding #17-> Stonehurst at Hampton Valley, Hampton, Ct.

• August 26th, 2023: Wedding #18-> Upland Sportsman Club, Plympton, Mass.

August 27th, 2023: Second Shooter Wedding #2-> Pretty Nerdy Photography

September 2nd, 2023: Wedding #19-> Twelve Acres, Smithfield, Rhode Island

September 9th, 2023: Wedding #20-> Private Residence, South Kingstown, RI

September 10th, 2023: Wedding #21-> Twelve Acres, Smithfield RI

• September 15th, 2023: Wedding #22-> Kinney Bungalow, Narragansett, Rhode Island

• September 16th, 2023: Wedding #23-> Waterman Grille, Providence, Rhode Island

• September 23rd, 2023: Date on hold for prospective client

• September 29th, 2023: Wedding #24-> Crystal Lake Golf Club, Mapleville, RI

• September 30th, 2023: Date on hold for prospective client

• October 1st, 2023: Wedding #25-> Bittersweet Farm, Westport, Mass.

October 7th, 2023: Wedding #26-> Quidnessett Country Club, North Kingstown, RI

October 8th, 2023: Wedding #27-> Grupo Amigos de Terceira, Pawtucket, RI

• October 13th, 2023: Wedding #28-> Valley Country Club, Warwick, Rhode Island

• October 15th, 2023: Wedding #29-> The Villa at Ridder CC, East Bridgewater, Mass.

• October 21st, 2023: Wedding #30-> Private Residence, Bellingham, Mass.

• October 22nd, 2023: Rhode Island Wedding Expo, Providence, RI

• October 27th, 2023: Wedding #31-> Private Residence, Middleboro, Mass.

October 28th, 2023: Wedding #32-> Crystal Lake Golf Club, Mapleville, RI

• November 10th, 2023: Wedding #33-> Grace Episcopal Church & Oceancliff

November 11th, 2023: Wedding #34-> Renaissance CC, Haverhill, Mass.

• November 12th, 2023-December 30th, 2023: Fall Hiatus (Dates unavailable for bookings)

December 31st, 2023: Wedding #35-> The Enrico Caruso Society, Manville, RI

2024 and beyond ...

• January 1st, 2024-April 8th, 2024-> Winter Hiatus (Limited Availability)

• March 9th, 2024: Wedding #1-> Whites of Westport, Westport, Massachusetts

• October 12th, 2024: Wedding #2-> Five Bridge Inn, Rehoboth, Massachusetts

* Please note: This is not a comprehensive list of my upcoming schedule. As I maintain a part-time job and often contract for a variety of other companies for freelance photography, in addition to shooting for own business purposes, it is best to contact me if you are interested in booking me for a date not shown as unavailable above. 

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