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     Have you ever had a moment where something funny or unpredictable happened and you thought to yourself "Man, I'm going to remember that for a long time?" As a Rhode Island wedding photographer, I have more of these moments every year than I could even imagine trying to count. 

     Weddings are the ultimate thrill ride for me. A once-in-a-lifetime day full of special moments and memories that I know my brides and grooms will cherish for a lifetime. With that typically comes a timeline full of things to do, a unrelenting stress for everything to go perfect and, eventually, enough alcohol to wipe away any inhibitions if things don't go exactly how you envisioned them.

     Back in the fall of 2014, when I was just starting my career as a wedding photographer, I thought it would be a good idea to do what everyone on the internet was doing back then: write a blog. The problem, I would discover, was I had nothing of note to say. So I did what any good photographer does: Let the photos speak for themselves. 

     It took me a while to find my voice as a blog writer but I'm so glad I did as I genuinely believe my blog writing has become a key part of documenting a wedding for my couples. These are the inside stories behind the stories of the wedding days that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

     Whether you're planning your own wedding or you just like looking at cool wedding photos and finding out more behind them, I hope you genuinely enjoy these articles. Going forward I will continue writing separate blog entries for each wedding and engagement session I shot and, soon, I will start adding some exciting wedding-related articles I hope help brides and grooms in their quest to plan the perfect day. 

     For now, though, enjoy a stroll back through my favorite stories and images of recent assignments and, as always, thanks for reading.


Roger Williams Park Engagement Photos

Roger Williams Park, Providence, Rhode Island
Date: October 30th, 2022

     There are a lot of moments I love as a wedding photographer but one of the ones that always makes me smile is that moment where it just *clicks* for a bride and groom. 

     That's the moment you can see two people get over any reservations they have and start to be themselves and, for Jaime and George, that moment came in the middle of their engagement session when they realized they could tell me exactly what they liked in terms of poses. And the results? Well, there's a reason this was one of my favorite engagement sessions this fall.

Roger Williams Park Engagement Photos

Roger Williams Park, Providence, Rhode Island
Date: October 29th, 2022

     There are a lot of things to love about being a wedding photographer but one of my favorite is meeting an awesome couple you just click with right away and seeing how things develop as you get to know them better.

     That's why I was so excited to work with Gianna and Nick on the morning of their October engagement session. I had a hunch these two would be one of the most fun couples I worked with this year and I was right. Want to see why? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Colt State Park Engagement Photos

Colt State Park, Bristol, Rhode Island
Date: October 27th, 2022

     I've long contended that one of the hardest parts of shooting engagement sessions is finding a way to break the ice with your bride and groom. 

     That's part of the reason I made it my mission during Ashli and Cole's October engagement session at Colt State Park to make the groom break out in a big smile as he initially was pretty hesitant. 

     It took just three minutes and, immediately, I knew we were set for a great session. Somehow, though, it just got better and better with every photo. Want to see why? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Roger Williams Park Engagement Photos

Roger Williams Park, Providence, Rhode Island
Date: October 21st, 2022

     I only have one rule for my clients during their engagement sessions: Be yourself.

     You might think it's a simple rule but, honestly, it's one of the toughest challenges as so many people feel they have to put on some sort of image for their first real professional photo session. But Lindsay and Joe? Man, that was never an issue.

     I knew the minute Joe showed up wearing a full brim cowboy hat that we were in for a fun time and he didn't disappoint as Lindsay and Joe had a great session you should see for yourself by clicking here.

Goddard Park Engagement Photos

Goddard Park, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Date: October 10th, 2022

     One of the reasons I love engagement sessions is getting to see the way a bride and groom interact with each other and seeing if I can bring their relationship out in the photos we take.

     In the case of Emily and Jacob, I didn't have to try very hard as it was written all over their faces.

     Emily and Jacob chose had their engagement photos taken back in October at Goddard Park and it was one of my favorite sessions this year for a variety of reasons but, mainly, because of how comfortable everything was. See why for yourself by clicking here.

Goddard Park Engagement Photos

Goddard Park, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Date: September 26th, 2022

     I tell every couples whose engagement photos I shoot that the purpose of these sessions is to get, maybe, two or three photos they can use for Save the Dates but, otherwise, to get to know them as people before their wedding day. 

     Never have I learned more than about two people than during Shyann and Joshua's September engagement photo session at Goddard Park.

     What did I learn? Well, for one thing, this couple is a lot of fun. For another, they are absolute goof balls. And that's why I enjoyed this session so very, very much.

Roger Williams Park Engagement Photos

Roger Williams Park, Providence, Rhode Island
Date: September 8th, 2022

     I am SOOOOO not a morning person. So you'll forgive me, then, if I semi-sort of dread any photo sessions that take place prior to noon.

     Thankfully, in my experience, my reluctance to get out of bed at a reasonable time is quickly forgotten once I start taking photos and in the case of Kimberly and Ray's engagement session, it was pretty apparent to me pretty quickly that there was nowhere else I'd rather be. They were that fun.

     Want to see why? Check out their September engagement session for yourself here.

Rhode Island Wedding Photos

Private Residence, North Providence, Rhode Island
Date: September 3rd, 2022

     Of all the pieces of advice I offer to my brides and grooms each year, I think the single most important one is "Just be yourself."

     It's a message that can get lost in the fog of wedding planning but it's one that I think can make or break your day and couples like Kristen and Gerard show why.

     Kristen and Gerard were married back in September at a private residence in North Providence, Rhode Island and their backyard wedding day was the definition of "them." And it was a blast. Want to know why? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Bittersweet Farm Wedding Photos

Bittersweet Farm, Westport, Mass.
Date: September 1st, 2022

     One of my favorite things to see is a bride or groom who "hates having their photos taken" turn into a bride or groom who LOVES having their photo taken. 

    I'd love to say this is something I bring out in people but, in truth, it's just something that happens when a bride or groom is over-the-top happy on their wedding day and that was the case for Michelle and Raymond. 

     Michelle and Ray had the very definition of a rustic New England wedding and there were so many reasons to laugh and smile. Want to know why? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

John Alden Sportsman's Club Wedding Photos

John Alden Sportsman's Club, Plymouth, Mass.
Date: August 27th, 2022

     There are a lot of reasons why I love wedding photography but one of the most underrated ones is getting to see in other couples what you have in your own life.

     I think that's partly why I had so much fun working with Marlana and Christopher on the day of their August wedding as their back-and-forth ribbing of each other and playful banter reminded me a TON of my own relationship and their wedding felt, in many ways, like an event my own family would have. Why? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Point Judith Fisherman's Memorial Engagement Photos

Point Judith Fisherman's Memorial
Date: August 25th, 2022

     In 12 years of photographing weddings and engagement sessions, I can count on one hand the number of times I was on a shoot and a sunset was so beautiful it literally stopped me in my tracks.

     But I don't know if any can compare to the one I was treated to on the day of Victoria and Patrick's engagement session back in August.

     You know a sunset is special when even the couple you're working with can't stop looking at it and to say it made Victoria and Patrick's session one I won't soon forget is an understatement. See why for yourself here.

Holiday Hill Day Camp Wedding Photos

Holiday Hill Day Camp & Recreation Center
Date: August 20th, 2022

     There's a fine line to walk between planning the wedding of your dreams and sticking close enough to the standard beats of a wedding day that your guests enjoy themselves too. 

     I think that's why Matt and Stacie's August wedding at the Holiday Hill Day Camp & Recreation Center in Mansfield Center, Connecticut was so special.

     Matt and Stacie incorporated parts of themselves into the day they became husband and wife but they also made sure the day was fun for everyone else. How? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Crystal Lake Golf Club Wedding Photos

Crystal Lake Golf Club, Mapleville, Rhode Island
Date: August 19th, 2022

     If I had to describe my idea of a perfect wedding day, it's one that should make you laugh, make you cry and ... well, make you shake your head in disbelief over how your guests act once the party starts.

     Oh. Did I say I'd describe the perfect wedding day? I guess what I meant was I'd describe Nicole and Dennis' August wedding at Crystal Lake Golf Club. 

     Nicole and Dennis had one of my favorite weddings of 2022 because it was full of all the moments and emotions that make a wedding special. Want to see why? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

The Guild Pawtucket Wedding Photos

The Guild, Pawtucket, RI
Date: August 12th, 2022

     I'm a big proponent on the idea that where you get married should fit who you are and I don't know if I've seen a couple this year that made a more fitting choice for a venue than Kelsey and Mike.

     Kelsey and Mike were married at the Guild in Pawtucket back in August and this low key brewery was the perfect setting for their casual, laid back party that just so happened to also feature a wedding. 

     I loved how true to themselves Kelsey and Mike were on their wedding day and if you want to see why, check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Newport Engagement Photos

Various Locations, Newport, Rhode Island
Date: August 7th, 2022

     Engagement sessions are a great chance to get to know a bride and groom and anytime you're working with a couple coming into your area from out of state, it's especially important to understand the location you're taking them for photos. 

     That's why Catie, John and I chose Newport for their August engagement session. While I didn't know EXACTLY where we would go, I knew there was enough to do in the City by the Sea that we could give them the authentic Rhode Island engagement session feel and I think we definitely did. See for yourself here.

Potowomut Golf Club Wedding Photos

Potowomut Golf Club, East Greenwich, RI
Date: August 6th, 2022

     I'm always fascinated with how a bride and groom first meet and few couples I've worked with have a more unlikely story than Tessa and Tom, who met while serving in the Coast Guard together.

     The first time the pair told me their story, they laughed because Tom was Tessa's boss at the time but on their wedding day, you could see that their love went so far beyond a job title by the way they looked at each other and held one another in their arms. 

     Want to see what I mean? Check out Tessa and Tom's big day for yourself by clicking here.

Crystal Lake Golf Club Wedding Photos

Crystal Lake Golf Club, Mapleville, Rhode Island
Date: July 23rd, 2022

     Weddings are stressful events and, while it might seem like an easy thought to have, being able to laugh and joke around on the day you get married is a rare trait.

     That's why I loved Megan and Louis' July wedding at Crystal Lake Golf Club so much. These two absolute sweethearts never let the stress of their day overwhelm them and, more importantly, stayed true to themselves even during one of their lives' most important moments.

     And the photos? They reflected that. Want to see why? Check them out for yourself here.

Independence Harbor Wedding Photos

Independence Harbor, Assonet, Massachusetts
Date: July 15th, 2022

     Second shooting as a wedding photographer can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you have a lot more creative freedom when you're a second shooter. On the other, you don't get to spend as much time with a bride and groom as you would have otherwise.

     For me, the purest sign that I had a great day as a second shooter is when I don't want the party to end and, for Alysia and Anthony's July wedding at Independence Harbor, that's exactly what happened.

     Why? See for yourself by clicking here.

Colt State Park Wedding Photos

St. Mary's Parish & Wyndham Newport Hotel
Date: July 9th, 2022

     Like many adults my age, I have an affinity for the magic of Disney. Look, I grew up with it. 

     But, as a wedding photographer, that love runs even deeper because I know whenever I encounter a bride and groom that incorporates Disney into their special day that they're a fun couple that believes in fairy tales and happy ever after. 

     Few couples have proven that statement more than Jamie and Scott and you can see why their Disney-themed wedding really was a dream come true by checking it out for yourself here.

Danversports Wedding Photos

Danversport, Danvers, Mass.
Date: July 3rd, 2022

     At its core, wedding photography is a game of patience. 

     In my case for Ida and Justin's July wedding date, that meant checking every couple of minutes if the sun would FINALLY let up enough for us to shoot some bride and groom portraits.

     It took a while but it finally did some 20 minutes before sunset on that July afternoon and, boy, was it worth the wait. See why I loved Justin and Ida's portraits, and their wedding day as a whole by checking it out for yourself here.

Coachmen's Lodge Wedding Photos

Coachmen's Lodge, Bellingham, Mass.
Date: July 1st, 2022

     At their core, weddings are supposed to be fun and, as much as I try to remind my couples of this, most of them get caught up in the stress and seriousness of the day and forget to just relax and enjoy themselves.

     Not Emily and Josh, though. These two, who were married back in July at Coachmen's Lodge in Bellingham, Massachusetts had a wedding day that was, from start to finish, one of the most fun I've ever seen. 

     Want to know why? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Avenir Wedding Photos

Avenir, Walpole, Mass.
Date: June 26th, 2022

     It never ceases to amaze me that even now, 12 years after I photographed my first wedding, I'm still discovering new venues I've never been to before that are so beautiful they blow my mind.

     For Marissa and David's wedding back in June, this meant by first-ever trip to Avenir in Walpole, Massachusetts and, I've got to be honest, it was well worth the wait.

     Marissa and David had an absolutely gorgeous wedding day and it was only partly because of the location they chose. See it for yourself by clicking here.

Massachusetts Wedding Photos

Private Residence, Danvers, Mass.
Date: June 18th, 2022

     It's cliche but you can really tell a lot about a couple by the first impression you get when you meet them. 

     When I met Amanda and Michael after a bridal expo back in January, I knew right away they were my kind of people and their backyard wedding at the bride's mother's house was going to be fun. 

     What I didn't know is just how much fun it would be but when I headed out TWO HOURS into the four hours they set aside for dancing, and they were still going, I knew this would be a wedding I wouldn't soon forget. See why for yourself by clicking here.


Soprano's Casino By The Sea, Falmouth, Mass.
Date: June 17th, 2022

     If there's one thing that will make or break your wedding day as a bride and groom, it's your ability to handle stress.

     For Jesse and Michelle, who were married back in June at Soprano's Casino By The Sea, this meant staying calm as a downpour rolled through their area right before they walked down the aisle, delaying their ceremony by a full half hour.

     Did Jesse and Michelle freak out? Absolutely not. And that's why their wedding day was a beautiful one I know they won't forget. Check it out by clicking here.

First Unitarian Church of Providence Wedding Photos

First Unitarian Church of Providence
Date: June 11th, 2022

     If we're being honest, the main goal of any wedding for a bride and groom — besides, ya know, the whole getting married thing — has got to be to do something or having something so memorable your friends and family members never forget it. 

     For Carolyn and Lucas, I know deep down the one thing their guests will be talking about forever is the afternoon of super fun and super sweet contra dancing that everyone brave enough to take to the dance floor loved instantly. Want to see why? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Wright's Farm Wedding Photos

Wright's Farm, Burrillville, Rhode Island
Date: June 3rd, 2022

     I've said this more times than I can count but I genuinely believe WHERE you get married says a ton about who you are as a bride and groom. 

     That's why I knew Amanda and Chris were my kind of people when they told me they have their big day at Wright's Farm in Burrillville, Rhode Island.

     Wright's Farm is an institution in the Ocean State and is beloved for their family-style meals and amazing atmosphere and both were true on the day made their marriage official-official. Want to see why? Check out this awesome wedding for yourself by clicking here.

Pond House Cafe Wedding Photos

The Pond House Cafe, West Hartford, Connecticut
Date: June 2nd, 2022

     I love the beauty of New England. No matter how long you live here, you still discover new things to fall in love with and, for me, I can't see any other new location hitting me quite like the Pond House Cafe did for Ryan and Stephanie's wedding back in June.

     How special was this spot? Well, it was so nice that neither I, the bride or groom cared even a little that it was raining during their first look. We just HAD to take photos here. 

     And you know what? It was worth it. Want to see why?Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Saphire Estate Wedding Photos

Saphire Estate, Sharon, Massachusetts
Date: May 20th, 2022

     Among my biggest worries on a wedding day is whether or not a bride and groom will have time to actually enjoy themselves.

     Weddings are stressful and they go by the blink of an eye but, thankfully, sometimes it's quite obvious when a bride and groom are making the most of every moment.

     Case in point: Jennifer and Zachary, who turned the last hour of their reception into the most jam-packing party I've ever seen. Want to know why I feel that way? Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Five Bridge Inn Wedding Photos

Five Bridge Inn, Rehoboth, Massachusetts
Date: May 7th, 2022

     One of my favorite feelings on a wedding day is the wide grin on my face that I struggle to hide when I see a bride and groom truly enjoying their day.

     For some people, this is evident when they look longingly at each other during their a ceremony. For Jaclyn and Corey, it was in the way they kept making each other laugh. And I can't think of a more fitting way for these two to have become husband and wife.

     Jaclyn and Corey were married in May at Five Bridge Inn and if you want to see why it was one of the most fun wedding days I've ever shot, click here.

Roger Williams Park Engagement Photos

Roger Williams Park, Providence, Rhode Island
Date: May 14th, 2022

     Part of the reason I love wedding photography is I tend to attract couples with a similar attitude and mindset to me. In the case of Victoria and Daniel, whose May engagement session at Roger Williams Park is one my favorite in a long time, this meant an afternoon of inappropriate jokes and lots and lots of laughter. 

     Victoria and Daniel were so much fun to work with an I genuinely believe our ability to crack each other up helped bring out the best in their photos. Want to see why I feel that way? Check them out for yourself here.

Rocky Point State Park Engagement Photos

Rocky Point State Park & Goddard Park
Date: May 10th, 2022

     One of the biggest things that will make a photo session the best it can be is flexibility. I think that's why I knew during Courtney and Giovanni's engagement session we were in for a fun time despite some of the toughest weather conditions I've ever photographed in. 

     Within moments of our trip to Rocky Point State Park, it was clear this would be a challenging day and, thanks to a great backup option, we were able to deliver one of my favorite sessions of 2022 so far. See why I adored Courtney & Giovanni's engagement session for yourself by clicking here.

The Villa at Ridder Country Club Wedding Photos

The Villa at Ridder Country Club
Date: April 16th, 2022

     As much as I love the entire wedding photography process with a bride and groom — from our first consult until I deliver the images — sometimes it's just nice to show up, shoot and leave.

     That's one of the reasons I love occasionally working as a second shooter and while I don't plan on picking up a ton of second shooter gigs this year, I am so glad I got to photograph Tonya and Matt's wedding back in April for Pretty Nerdy Photography.

     Why? It was a day full of tons of fun, no stress and lots of cool moments. See for yourself by clicking here.

Lake Pearl Wedding Photos

Lake Pearl, Wrentham, Massachusetts
Date: December 4th, 2021

     As a wedding photographer, you always want to end on a strong note. Whether it's an engagement session, a wedding or an entire wedding season, there's no better feeling than walking away from something you finished feeling great about how things turned out.

     And that's what I adored the most about Kevin & Jillian's December wedding at Lake Pearl. 

     My final shoot of 2021, I couldn't have asked for a nicer or sweeter day to close out the best wedding season of my career and if you'd like to see why, check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Newport Marriott Wedding Photos

Newport Marriott, Newport, Rhode Island
Date: December 3rd, 2021

     I have a pretty simple rule when it comes to the music at a wedding reception: If I see a live band, I know we're in for one heck of a party.

     Melissa and Patrick proved this theory to me once again as their December wedding day was FULL of amazing moments on and off the dance floor.

     But I've expect nothing less as this couple are amazing in so many ways on their own. 

     Whether it was a sweet first look, some well-timed bride and groom portraits in the cold or their sweet and touching ceremony, this is one day worth checking out.

Kirkbrae Country Club Wedding Photos

Kirkbrae Country Club, Lincoln, Rhode Island
Date: November 21st, 2021

     Whenever I'm driving home from shooting a wedding, I can't help but think about the one moment above all that defined the day for the bride and groom.

     For Catherine and Sean, that moment when they asked their guests to leave the Kirkbrae Country Club ballroom and took the dance floor by themselves for one last song.

     It was a storybook ending to a beautiful wedding day but it was just one moment on a day full of memories and you can check out some of the rest of this, one of my favorite weddings of 2021, by clicking here.

Bournedale Function Facility Wedding Photos

Bournedale Function Facility, Plymouth, Mass.
Date: November 20th, 2021

     As much as I enjoy fall weddings in New England, I always find myself a bit worried when the calendar turns to mid November.

     You never quite know what you're in for over the last six or so weeks of a given year so when Allison and Joe told me they were getting married by the water toward the end of November, I panicked a bit inside. 

     Luckily, my worries of a wintery, cold, outdoor wedding were overblown as Allison and Joe had a beautiful, warmer-than-expected ceremony that was absolutely perfect for them. WhyCheck it out here.​​​​

Goddard Park Engagement Photos

Goddard Park, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Date: November 11th, 2021

     Anytime I book an engagement session past the first week of November or so, I'm always worried the fall colors won't stick around long enough to make the session as good as it can be. 

     Luckily, that wasn't the case with Jen and Domenic during their mid-November session at Goddard Park as we got one of the last good days for fall foliage. 

     And thank goodness we did as this couple was super easygoing and relaxed the entire time we were together. Perhaps that's why I loved their photos so much so be sure to check them out by clicking here.

Newport Vineyards Wedding Photos

Newport Vineyards, Middletown, Rhode Island
Date: November 6th, 2021

     One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is that, at some point during a wedding day, the people you're working with forget you're there.

     That's when I get to see how they act in real life and, most times, it's beautiful and sweet. For Amelia and Giuliana, who said "I do" back in November at Newport Vineyards, it was also apparently very, very funny.

     Amelia and Giuliana are an amazing couple who compliment each other so well and their wedding day was one FULL of smiling, laughing and beautiful moments. Want to see why? Check it out here.​​​

Rhode Island Engagement Photos

Private Residence, Exeter, Rhode Island
Date: October 24th, 2021

     One of the best reasons a couple should plan an engagement session is to really get to know their wedding photographer and how they act in a real-world environment. But it works both ways, really.

     When I got the chance to work with Michael and Katie back in October, I had no idea who they were outside of one casual consultation five days earlier.

     Within two hours, they went from total strangers to a couple who I loved working with and could totally envision their upcoming 2022 wedding. And the result? A beautiful fall session definitely worth checking out. ​​​

Camp Kiwanee Wedding Photos

Camp Kiwanee, Hanson, Massachusetts
Date: October 23rd, 2021

     There are a lot of reasons why I got into wedding photography but the main thing that KEEPS me in wedding photographer is finding really fun couples that I can be myself around .

     I knew within minutes of meeting Elizabeth and Spencer that they were the exact kind of couple and were planning the exact kind of wedding I love to shoot.

     What kind of wedding is that? A beautiful and romantic wedding that never takes itself too seriously. Oh ... and one that is awkward. In the best way possible. Want to see what I mean? Check it out here.​​


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