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Tim & Laura

Ceremony: St Mary's Church, Bristol, Rhode Island; Reception: Glen Manor House, Portsmouth, Rhode Island 

June 5th, 2015*

You can tell a lot about how a wedding is going to go from the moment you first meet the bride and groom. 

For Tim and Laura's wedding, which I second shot in June as part of my work with George Street Photo, my first interaction with Tim said everything I needed to know about how the day would go. Tim and his groomsmen were hilarious, politically incorrect and a blast to hang out with. More importantly, however, I could tell by looking at Tim that he was incredibly nervous and treating the day with the importance it deserves and, as the shoot progressed I saw why. 

Tim and Laura had a beautiful ceremony, a fantastic reception and a fun time overall and I think the photos do a great job in telling that story. 

I first met Tim and his guys at the Newport Blues Inn in Newport. A 10-minute drive from my office at the Daily News, this first stop was as chill and relaxed as you could ask for. Tim and his groomsmen were up for anything I suggested and we had a blast shooting some portraits at a local park in the heart of the busy downtown area.

Tim and Laura also had some of the best flowers I've seen this wedding season. Seriously. These things popped and made for two of my favorite wedding rings shots this year.

Though I didn't get to spend much time with Laura, that's to be expected as a second shooter and, honestly, I was just happy to get at least one nice-looking portrait of her before heading to the church.

Oh, and the church? Yeah. It was pretty awesome. 

See what I mean? Talk about a beautiful view from up top.

Tim and Laura had a truly beautiful ceremony with one of the funniest priests I've ever seen. The mood was light and, yet, respectful of the serious nature of a Catholic wedding. 

By the time the new couple shared their first kiss, I could tell the crowd was ready to party. And, after a brief receiving line outside of the church doors, we were on our way to Portsmouth and the Glen Manor House.

Now, I've shot events at the Glen Manor House before but this was my first wedding. Simply put, this venue is STUNNING. I loved everything about this place, from the large wooden doors to the beautiful bride suite that makes for amazing photos to the dock overlooking the water outside, this location had a lot of nice touches in a small space that made Tim and Laura's formal photos look awesome.

And that dock? Did I mention how much I loved that dock? With some nice cloud cover behind them, the bridge leading to the dock proved to be the absolute perfect place to do a few bride and groom shots and even with our limited time running out during cocktail hour, we were still able to get some pretty sweet shots I can't help but smile at every time I see them.

Though I didn't get to stay for much more than the introductions and first dance, I have no doubt that Tim and Laura's reception was as cool, if not even better, than the rest of their day.

The portion of this event that I was lucky enough to shoot led to some really spectacular photos and I can honestly say I'm looking forward to returning to both their ceremony site and reception venue for future couples looking to take remarkable wedding photos.


* These photos were taken as part of my work for George Street Photography and are presented here strictly for portfolio/display purposes. 

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