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Colt State Park Engagement Photos

Goddard Park Engagement Photos

Rob & Amanda

     You can control a lot when you're a wedding photographer shooting an engagement session. You can pick the place, the time of year, the poses and, often, the emotion you see in a photograph.

     But you can't control the weather. And, sometimes, that makes for an impossible shoot no matter who you're working with.

     When Rob, Amanda and I got together back in August for their engagement session at Roger Williams Park, we had no way of knowing it was going to be roughly four billion degrees out and, as great as this couple was to work with, I couldn't scratch that sensation that we didn't get the best photos we could have that day.

     So you'll imagine my delight when the pair agreed to come back out for a second session at Goddard Park a month later on a MUCH more management early fall day.

     I knew within minutes that it was the right call and that THIS was the session they deserved the entire time. And that's why I love my couples. Because they are always willing to be super flexible and, in the end, it's so worth it.


     My time with Rob and Amanda began back in August at Roger Williams Park. As I said above, their first crack at an engagement session was tough to get through for everyone but that doesn't mean there weren't some really nice, super sweet photos that I loved.

     I especially loved the beginning of that first shoot with these two as their excitement was so easy to capture on camera and the way these two interacted was super cute and adorable. 

     As we toured through the beautiful, but a bit dark and gloomy, Roger Williams Park and the temperature somehow continued to rise, I could tell Rob and Amanda were doing their part to power through and I love them for that. They never looked like they wanted to be anywhere else ... even if an air conditioned room might have felt a little better on this particular afternoon.


     One of the great things about Rob and Amanda's first engagement session was being able to get an idea for what kind of photos they liked and how they worked together as a couple. That's why, on our second session, things were super easy and we moved right through all the poses I wanted and then some.

     In fact, Rob and Amanda's second engagement session was so perfect that we managed to get everything we wanted in just over a half hour. There's a reason why I was glad we did the re-do. These photos, in my opinion, came out much better and more reflective of this couple. It doesn't hurt that our second attempt was on a beautiful, comfy 72 degree day either.


     Rob and Amanda were great to work with on this second session and I think they were even more thankful than me for the chance to visit Goddard Park in the fall. There's a reason this park is so popular this time of year and it looked stunning this day.


     As my time with Rob and Amanda came to an end, again, I left feeling so happy to have found such a fun and sweet couple and I can't wait until their October 2022 wedding. And not just because it should be another beautiful fall day, though that certainly helps.
     Rob and Amanda were a blast to work with and I have no doubt their wedding is going to be every bit the day they both hope for and deserve. So thank you Rob and Amanda for allowing me to capture your personalities in your engagement photos and I can't wait to do it all over again this time next year.

-Paul J. Spetrini


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