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Laura & Kevin

St. Paul Cranston, Cranston, Rhode Island (Ceremony); Warwick Country Club, Warwick, Rhode Island (Reception)

May 22nd, 2015

There's something about May in Rhode Island.

Maybe it's the (usually) nice weather or the fact that people are just itching to party after a long winter, but more than any other month in the calendar, May is jam-packed with huge events and has become THE month for weddings in the Ocean State. 

And with weddings like Laura and Kevin's May bash at the Warwick Country Club, it's easy to see why.

Laura and Kevin are a simple couple. Right from our first consultation, I could tell the two were easy-going and relaxed and their wedding would be the same. What I didn't know was just how scenic and beautiful it would turn out.

But, again, it's May. In Rhode Island. What more could you possibly want?

I've seen a lot of brides over the last two years but few have been as cool and calm as Laura. Despite a six-hour bridal prep time (Hey, she had EIGHT bridesmaids!,) Laura was relaxed for most of the time before her ceremony began. Sure, she was nervous about being the center of attention but, by and large, you could just look at her face and know she was ready to meet her groom at the altar.

Laura was also lucky in the fact that, despite having eight bridesmaids, all eight of them played a role in keeping the mood light and fun. Whether it was taking photos with a selfie stick (The first time I've seen this contraption in action) or joking with each other about the way they looked midway through the prep, these girls were having a blast and that attitude was infectious. 

At a certain point in every bridal prep session though, the time for fun is over (Well, on pause at least) and things get serious. For Laura, that time came the moment she put on her dress and the full reality of the situation hit. Running just a touch behind schedule, it was clear Laura was getting a little bit worried as the 3 p.m. ceremony start drew near but you'd never know it looking at her bridal portraits or the look on her face when she saw Kevin for the first time.

Laura and Kevin chose St. Paul's church in Cranston, Rhode Island for their ceremony and it was a truly beautiful space with tons of room to move and a lot of cool areas to explore for different shots, including a very awesome balcony that overlooked everything and a back room that discreetly allowed for a couple of nice portraits of the two at the altar. Of course, it wasn't as discreet as I thought it would be as both the bride and groom later told me they saw me taking the photos and chuckled to themselves as my shutter went off but, hey, you've got to do what you've got to do sometimes. I think the straight-on photos of them on the altar were well worth it. :)

Laura and Kevin's ceremony, to me, felt like only a formality and I mean that in the nicest way possible. While a lot of couples look anxious at the altar, when these two finally saw each other, there was no question about their decision, no hesitation. They were meant to be together and the only thing left to do was pose for some nice formal photos at the church and head to the Warwick Country Club. 

I didn't know it at the time but Laura and Kevin's formal photo session, though a bit rushed because of ridiculous wind at the country club, would prove to be one of my favorites. The two are just a classically beautiful couple who look great together and they were open to any ideas I had. Combined with some input from them before the wedding on photo styles they liked, we put together a great session.

Without a doubt, though, my personal favorite part of the day was the reception. The Warwick County Club is a beautiful place with nice, low ceilings and because Laura and Kevin hired some great vendors for the cake, uplighting and music, the reception was a truly awesome experience that made me forget I was actually getting paid to be there. 

What I especially loved about Laura and Kevin was their flexibility in working with me to create some great photos and, like I had done at a wedding last summer for their friends William and Meg, I stole the new couple for a few minutes during sunset and, honestly, these might be my favorite of the formal photos from the day.

With the formal photos out of the way, it was time to party and like any great couple who had spent months and months planning their big day, Laura and Kevin truly cut loose once the pressure was off and it was time to celebrate.

All in all, Laura and Kevin's wedding was a great time and couldn't have gone much better. From the absolutely beautiful weather to the gorgeous and scenic backdrop that the Warwick Country Club provided, Laura and Kevin's big day proved to be an oasis for fun and sweet photos both planned and unplanned. 

It may only be May but I can tell, without question, that when all is said and done in 2015, Laura and Kevin will make quite a splash on my year-end review of favorite photos. In fact, I can just about guarantee the two will find their way into my portfolio of personal best wedding photos the next time I update it. And, really, what else can you ask for as a photographer? Great couple, great photos, a great time.


* To see the full gallery of photos from Laura and Kevin's wedding, please click here.

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