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My Wedding Portfolio

     The first step in getting to know any photographer is to take a look at their portfolio. For this reason, whenever I meet with potential clients, the first thing I do is show them what I believe are the best photos I have taken from the previous wedding season.

     This does two things. First, it allows me to succinctly show off my style as a photographer and help potential clients see if I meet what it is they are looking for. Second, putting together a new portfolio each year is my way of capturing and remembering the best moments from the weddings I have been fortunate enough to shoot and, if I'm doing it right, these photos should show how my style has evolved as the years go on. 

     So, if you are looking to get an idea of my current work as a wedding photographer, please feel free to examine these images as it took me quite some time to trim this section down to 48 photos I feel are the best I took during the 2023 wedding season. It is my hope that you will enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them. 

     If you'd like to see my most recent work, meanwhile, check me out on Instagram as I post throughout the current season. Thanks for reading!

-Paul J. Spetrini


(Updated: January 4th, 2024)

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