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Newport Folk Festival

The 2015

     I love the Newport Folk Festival. While I haven't been going for that long — last year was my first time at the annual Rhode Island tradition — I was hooked right from the start and can't imagine a summer without it.

     Luckily, as part of my job as a photographer/page designer for Sherman Publishing, I was able to once again get credentialed to shoot the event at Fort Adams. The event did not disappoint.

     Some of these photos were published in the Newport Daily News today (June 27th, 2015) while others are here just for your enjoyment.

    I can honestly say this is one of my favorite events of the year and I think these photos show why. To read all about the coverage of the festival, check out the Newport Daily News website and this week's papers. 

* These photos were taken as part of my work for the Newport Daily News and are presented here strictly for portfolio/display purposes. To view photos from the 2014 Newport Folk Festival, please click here.

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