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Sean & Kirstie

Quidnessett Country Club, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

October 4th, 2015*

There's a lot to be said about staying young at heart. In my personal life, I don't think I go three days without someone saying I joke around like a third grader and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world. 

To me, keeping that childlike mindset and sense of positivity makes life just that much more fun and when I walked into Quidnessett Country Club for the October wedding of Sean and Kirstie, I could tell right away that they were a couple just like me.

And I mean that in the best way possible.

Whether it was their Disney-themed centerpieces or their nonstop laughing during formals, Sean and Kirstie were a refreshing couple that didn't take themselves too seriously and absolutely cherished their entire wedding day. And, that my friends, was as fun to shoot as it sounds.

My day with Sean began at his hotel suite in Warwick, minutes from my house, and I could tell right away that he and his groomsmen had a special bond with just the way he spoke about them. 

And that was even before they had a special toast of The Glenlivet 15 scotch to commemorate Sean's big day.

After their special toast, the guys and I spent time taking fun formal photos that really showcased their personalities and bond together before heading over to the ceremony site. 

Without a doubt the thing I'll remember the most from this wedding were the custom-made centerpieces that everyone, including the wedding vendors, raved about. Made with stuffed Disney characters and custom-colored flowers, these things were amazing.

I also loved Sean and Kirstie's rings and spent some time playing around with some ring shots in and near some of the many custom details the bride and groom clearly spent a lot of time coming up with.

And, of course, I just had to incorporate those centerpieces for at least one ring shot.

With groom formals out of the way, all that was left to do was wait for Kirstie to arrive to start the day's biggest event and, once she did, the small and intimate indoor location at Quidnessett was a perfect backdrop for a small and intimate wedding ceremony.

Even though their ceremony was as close to "traditional" as you can get outside of a church, Sean and Kirstie still took the time to enjoy the moment and enjoy each other's company. And, of course, to smile and laugh. 

And those smiles were infectious during the bride and groom formal photo session. The two could hardly compose themselves at times. But, if you just got married to your best friend, why would you want to feel anything BUT happy and do anything BUT laugh and smile?

By the time Sean and Kirstie hit the dance floor for the start of their reception, it was clear this was going to be a day neither one of them ever forgot. And Quidnessett was the absolute perfect backdrop for a beautiful and intimate reception. 

I don't think I've seen a couple as well connected and on the same page as much as Sean and Kirstie.

The two perfectly complimented each other and, in the time I got to spend with them on their special day, it was abundantly clear why they walked down the aisle together.

And that's what I love about wedding photography. 

For a brief period of time, you can meet two total strangers and see everything there is to see about them in an instant.

For these two, I can tell that this October afternoon marked the start of a lifetime of happiness and youthful exuberance. Oh, and Disney movies. Yeah. There will be plenty of those.

Then again, who can blame them? One of the best parts of being an adult is remaining young at heart. It's a lesson we should all remember.


* These photos were taken as part of my work for George Street Photography and are presented here strictly for portfolio/display purposes. 

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