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Jennifer and Brandon

The Meadows in Stonington, Connecticut

August 29th, 2015*

By the time the end of August hits as a wedding photographer, it's incredibly easy to lose your excitement over having to go to yet another ceremony, yet another formal portrait session and yet another reception. 

Thankfully, I don't think this will ever be a problem for me as, even in my busiest moments and my most off-day, I still walk away from every wedding feeling like I did the first time I shot one. 

Because, inevitably, there's always a handful of moments that nearly make me cry and remind me of why I do what I do. And Jennifer and Brandon's late-August wedding at the Meadows in Stonington, Connecticut is a perfect example as to why.

Brandon, his groomsmen and I met inside of the Meadow's men's room where he was getting dressed for his big day. Initially, I thought it odd to meet a groom in a bathroom but, within moments, any awkwardness was gone as Brandon and his groomsmen were an incredibly relaxed group of guys who all seemed ready to get the party started.

That's not to say Brandon wasn't a bit nervous. No, he has butterflies in his stomach. No more so than when he read a letter written by his soon-to-be wife. "Wow," he said, trying to hold back a tear. "That did it. She really set the tone."

By the time the ceremony was set to begin, Brandon's nerves had eased a bit but the minute he saw his glowing bride walk down that aisle? Well, all he could say was a very audible "WOW!" as his heart beat "a thousand miles an hour."

Brandon and Jennifer had a beautiful ceremony that was very personal and told the story of their love together and it was clear this was a day the two had been working toward for a very, very long time. 

By the time Brandon and Jennifer walked down that aisle as husband and wife, the two had shared a plethora of laughs with their small group of attendees and a few tears. But where the wedding really took on a life of its own, and where it really felt like an event tailored to the newlyweds was when the reception kicked off.

Before they could get to the reception, though, Brandon and Jennifer stopped for a couple of beautiful and timeless formal photos together. With a great backdrop behind them and a perfect sunny day above, the setting couldn't have been much better.

And yet it still wasn't as gorgeous as what awaited them INSIDE the reception venue ...

Seriously. Thanks to some incredible uplighting from their DJ crew, the inside of the Meadows was transformed into a wonderful mix of purple, pink and orange and the colors really made the moment feel out-of-this-world and special for the new bride and groom.

As the last "formal" portions of the event came to an end, including the cake cutting above, it was time to start the party and anyone on that dance floor saw moments in that this was the part of the night the bride and groom were REALLY looking forward to ...

Non-stop dancing, smores in a fire pit on the outside deck and a zany photo booth. Who could ask for more?

Brandon and Jennifer had a beautiful wedding ceremony but I think what I'll remember the most from this event was their awesome party that came after the formal part of the evening was over. I haven't seen that many people dance for that long in quite a while.

By the time the night was over, and everyone headed out as the newlyweds let the reality of the moment really hit them, it was clear no one left this wedding feeling anything but overwhelmed from the fun and amazing atmosphere.

And for the 80 or so people lucky enough to be in attendance? This was one wedding they won't forget anytime soon.


* These photos were taken as part of my work for George Street Photography and are presented here strictly for portfolio/display purposes. 

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