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Alissa & Thomas

The Overlook At Geer Tree Farm, Griswold, Connecticut

October 3rd, 2015*

The last thing any bride wants to have to deal with during the week of her wedding is news that a Category 4 hurricane could potentially wreck havoc on her entire day. Weather is just about the ONE thing you can not control on your wedding day and, as such, the very idea that that could happen is enough to make most detail-oriented couples pass out from stress.

But not every couple. No, back in October as Hurricane Joaquin loomed over the east coast, Alissa and Thomas were busy planning their fall-themed wedding at Geer Tree Farm in Connecticut and while the storm failed to live up to the hype, it did bring unseasonably cold temperatures and cast a shadow over the big day.

But Alissa and Thomas? They just rolled with the punches. And, sometimes, positivity can save even the gloomiest of situations.

My day with Alissa and Thomas began in an incredibly crowded bridal suite area as Tom and his groomsmen put the finishing touches on their suits. Why was it so crowded? It was the warmest place at the ceremony site. 

But, hey, nothing wrong with huddling together with those closest to you moments before the biggest moment of your life, right?

Alissa was a very detail-oriented bride, perhaps more so than any I've seen in 2015, and while she certainly didn't plan for her ceremony to be inside a tent, the fall colors made the event beautiful regardless and the look of love the two shared made it impossible to be disappointed.

Alissa and Tom's incredibly positivity shined brightest during the formal photo sessions as both the bridesmaids and groomsmen were having a blast ... even if their teeth were occasionally chattering due to the wind and cold. 

This was, without question, one of the funnest group of groomsmen I shot all year and the photos were downright hysterical.

But where the weather certainly couldn't dampen anyone's spirits was inside the reception area tent. Alissa and Tom had some of the most incredible details I saw in all of 2015 and they literally left nothing to chance, infecting their personal touch on everything in sight.

What's more, Alissa and Tom were all smiles all day long, most notably as the "fun" portion of their day began (To be honest, everything was a blast) and the couple took to the dance floor for one of the most well choreographed first dances I've ever seen.

After some pretty sweet toasts, Alissa asked if she and Tom could go outside for even more formal photos. See what I mean about not letting the weather get you down? And I'm glad they did as this session had some of my favorite pics of the entire wedding.

With formals officially over, Alissa and Tom headed back into the tent and got ready to boogie. I knew from the country-type theme that we were going to have a fun bunch of folks and they certainly didn't disappoint. 

Just about everyone in attendance spent tons of time on the dance floor and once the party got started, it was clear this was going to be a reception that went all night. 

My night with Alissa and Tom ended with the last truly "formal" portion of their evening, the traditional cake cutting, but like they did all day, this bride and groom made sure to put their personal touch on the wedding mainstay by cutting the cake with a custom ax.

All in all, Alissa and Thomas proved that, sometimes you have to make the most out of a bad situation. 

Where other couples would have been unable to shake the disappointment of a major storm system literally and figuratively raining on their parade, Alissa and Tom rolled with the punches and you would have hardly known anything didn't go exactly as they always envisioned it.

And sometimes, all you can do is just that: stay positive. 

While Alissa and Tom most likely didn't factor in a potential hurricane in their wedding planning, they made sure the storm didn't bring them down and, together, they had an excellent first obstacle to overcome as husband and wife. 

What a way to start a marriage. Together. Overcoming whatever comes their way. 

I really can't think of a more beautiful and touching sentiment. 


* These photos were taken as part of my work for George Street Photography and are presented here strictly for portfolio/display purposes. 

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