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A special look at the Class of 2014!

In my line of work, you can typically tell what time of year it is by asking a photographer what "season" he or she is in.

There are a whole bunch of seasons throughout the calendar year (Wedding season, prom season, holiday season, first communion season, awards season, senior portrait season, etc) but the one that always seems the longest is Graduation season.

Graduation season typically runs from the beginning of May until mid-June but, depending on the way the schedule breaks out, the bulk of the work can come in one week.

And that's exactly what happened to me this year.

In a span of five days, I attended and shot four graduations and, at about two-three hours each, that meant I heard A LOT of talk about how the Class of 2014 is the best class ever.

Now, while that's a point that can certainly be debated, what can't be debated is that graduations are a great time to get some awesome candid photos. Emotions run high, everyone is suddenly nostalgic and almost every moment tells a story.

That's why I'd like to give you a special look at my interactions with this year's graduating class.

Click here to check out my favorite photos from this year's graduation season. There are a lot of great moments and large smiles and with good reason.

While graduation marks a major milestone in a person's life and the official end of one journey and beginning of another, what it really marks is a moment of reflection and, in my humble opinion, each and every one of these graduation ceremonies had their moments that will be worth reflecting on for years to come.



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