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*NEW* Allison & Jason's Wedding Photos Added!

I tend to ask a lot of my couples on their wedding day but I have a simple rule I never break: I won't ask a bride and groom to do anything I wouldn't do myself.

So when I asked Allison and Jason to stay outside near the water on a slightly chilly November night, it wasn't because I was thrilled to be out there with them freezing my butt off. It was because, deep down, I knew sunset was near and I figured if we stayed out there long enough, we'd capture something special.

And I was right.

But it had nothing to do with me or my poses or anything I planned. Instead, it was the bride and groom at the center of the day and their genuine affection for each other that shined through.

And as the sunset gave way to the night sky, Jason and Allison held each other under the moonlight as husband and wife and, cold or no cold, I knew there was no place they'd rather be.

I shot a lot of weddings in 2019 but few couples made me laugh all day long the way Jason and Allison did and if you want to see why I adored this bride and groom's big day, check it out for yourself by clicking here.

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think below.



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