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Featured Photo of the Month: August, 2014

140731sci Blessing-3.jpg
As part of a regular feature on this website, I am going to feature one of my favorite photos each month and talk a little bit about how I got the shot, where it is located and what it means to me. This month's entry is a photo of one of my favorite events of the year, the Blessing of the Fleet road race. Held each July in Narragansett, the event features well over 3,000 runners and walkers and I've been "blessed" to cover it for several years now.

I hate running.

No, I don't just mean I hate the physical act of running, I mean that I hate the entire idea of running, both as an activity and a sport.

Yet, perhaps more so than any other sport out there, I am constantly finding myself at a crossroads of emotions about this particular event.

And I blame the Blessing of the Fleet road race for that.