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Perfectly Imperfect: The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Jason DeLosa

One of the reasons why I love shooting weddings is that, try as you might, you absolutely can not predict what is going to happen.

Now, that may seem odd given the fact that couples spend years planning every minute detail down to the last second but, when it's actually time to walk down that aisle? The only thing you can count on is that all of your plans are going to go out the window.

Take my beautiful September wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Jason DeLosa.

I met Jessica when I was a student at Rhode Island College and was thrilled when I found out she was getting hitched as she was always such a nice and fun person to be around. And about a year ago, I had the pleasure of shooting her and Jason's engagement photo session at Roger Williams Park in Cranston.

On that lovely fall day, the three of us spent a couple of hours walking around the park, planning out every shot so that the light was just right, the angle was exactly what we were looking for and the photos were as great as we could make them.

And through it all, we spoke of their upcoming nuptuals and much fun it would be to take photos on that day.

Little did we know just how humerous Mother Nature would find our plans.

Because, see, the one thing you absolutely have no control over is the weather and, on this lovely September afternoon in Lincoln, Rhode Island, the weather would completely derail all of our plans.

But, you know what? That's fine. In the end, we still ended up with an incredible day of some of the best wedding photos I've ever taken and nothing--not even pouring rain minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start--will ever take that away.

To see my photo blog about Jessica and Jason's wedding, including a look into some of my favorite photos, click here. To see the full gallery of photos, meanwhile, head over here.

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