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Cole and Alleigh Wedding Photos Added!

So far this week, I've shown you two weddings, roughly two weeks apart, that couldn't have been much different in tone and style.

Now we'll make it three in a row.

In late September, I was fortunate enough to photograph the wedding of Cole and Alleigh down at South Ferry Church in Narragansett.

It was one of the most traditional wedding ceremonies I shot this year ... and one of the best.

Steeped in history, Cole and Alleigh had an ol' fashioned wedding ceremony that really stands out for a number of reasons and, like all my couples from this year, they tore it up when it came time for the reception.

To see my favorite photos from the event, click here. And, as always, thanks for visiting the site and let me know what you think by sending me a comment or email by visiting my contact me page.



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