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Ashley & Patrick Wedding Photos Added!

Well, it's been a busy, busy wedding season thus far. Still, thanks to a bit of advance planning, I can finally show off some photos from my first wedding of the 2015 year, which I shot for George Street Photography two months ago in Newport.

As is normally the case with George Street photos, I'm not allowed to show these off until 60 days have passed from the date of the event and it almost almost drives me crazy because George Street has a habit of picking awesome couples and incredible locations that I just want to show everyone right after the wedding.

And that's why I initially wrote this blog post five hours after shooting the event.

Ashley and Patrick had a beautiful early April wedding on what was the most beautiful day of the year up to that point at a venue (The Chinese Tea House at the Marble House Mansion) that totally caught me off guard and took my breath away.

I always tell people Rhode Island is an amazing place to get married and venues like this are the reason why.

So if you want to see an awesome wedding from some awesome people, check out my newest photo blog by clicking here. There's a lot to view and it's definitely worth the time.

Now, back to the editing room ...


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