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Joe & Jean Wedding Photos Added!

You can tell a lot about a couple by sitting down with them and talking for a few minutes. You can see their personalities come out, see how they interact with one another and see, pretty quickly, just what kind of wedding they're likely to have.

I knew from the first time I sat in Joe and Jean's house back in early 2014 that they would be a fun couple who had a beautiful ceremony and giant party afterward and, man, did they deliver.

On a beautiful afternoon in Bristol last month, I was lucky enough to watch these two commit to a lifetime with each other and, quite honestly, these guys are one of my favorite couples of all time.

They're such a cool pair of people, so incredibly nice and I think their photos reflect that perfectly.

That's why I'm proud to share my latest wedding gallery, fresh off my queue and into the internet: Joe and Jean's June Wedding.

To see my full photo blog from Joe and Jean's big day, click here. To see the full gallery of photos from their wedding, click here.

As always, thanks for stopping by!



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