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Shawn and Lauren's Wedding Photos Added!

No one wants to wake up on their wedding day and see rain clouds.

After a year or more of planning every little detail down to the color of tablecloths, the last thing any bride wants to have to deal with is moving a ceremony inside and not having access to the best part of the reception venue they booked because of the one thing they couldn't control – the weather.

But it's funny how, sometimes, all you have to do is believe and things work themselves out.

For Shawn and Lauren's mid-September wedding in Newport this year, the weather did not look good.

Not at all.

But that didn't stop the groom-to-be from continuously saying how the weather would hold.

How'd he know?

"I have faith," he said.

Sometimes it pays to believe.

Check out my blog from Shawn & Lauren's big day by clicking here.

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