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Matt and Adrienne's Wedding Photos Added!

There are a lot of things I like about a wedding.

I love seeing two people who mean so much to each other come together with all of their friends and family members and declare their intent to stay together forever.

I love the emotions of the day. I love the little details (the flowers, the rings, the cake.)

But one thing I love more than most ... I love a good reception.

For Matt and Adrienne's October wedding in Warwick, Rhode Island, there were a lot of great things I will remember for a long time.

They had an awesome (albeit a tad cold) day weatherwise, the colors for their formal photos at Goddard Park were amazing and the wedding party was one of my most fun of the year.

But when I think back on this day, the one thing I'll remember most?


The reception.

Man. What a party.

Check out my latest photo blog, this time on Matt and Adrienne's big day, by clicking here:

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