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Alissa and Thomas' Wedding Photos Added!

The last thing any bride wants to have to deal with during the week of her wedding is news that a Category 4 hurricane could potentially wreck havoc on her entire day. Weather is just about the ONE thing you can not control on your wedding day and, as such, the very idea that that could happen is enough to make most detail-oriented couples pass out from stress.

But not every couple. No, back in October as Hurricane Joaquin loomed over the east coast, Alissa and Thomas were busy planning their fall-themed wedding at Geer Tree Farm in Connecticut and while the storm failed to live up to the hype, it did bring unseasonably cold temperatures and cast a shadow over the big day.

But Alissa and Thomas? They just rolled with the punches. And, sometimes, positivity can save even the gloomiest of situations.

Check out my blog from Alissa and Thomas' big day by clicking here.

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