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Special Sneak Peak of Ellen & Jeremy's Wedding!

I love all of the couples whose wedding I'm lucky enough to photograph but, sometimes, you just can't but feel a special connection to a pair of folks and that was most definitely the case with Ellen and Jeremy, whose wedding I was lucky enough to photograph tonight.

I have a lot of thoughts about their wedding and I will surely go into great detail when I write my blog on their big day but, for now, check out a little sneak peak at one of what will absolutely be one of my favorite shoots of the year.

I really loved this photo because, to me, it says a lot about this couple and the day we had. It may have been a little rainy but that didn't stop us from capturing some awesome shots, especially during the formal photo session. I love this photo because I never thought it would happen. Due to the rain, the grounds right next to this really nice fence were muddy and nasty. But I HAD to try to get them over there right? Of course. Thankfully, Ellen has the patience of a saint and so, right before the rain got pretty crappy, we sauntered over and around a bunch of puddles, posed for a little bit and BAM, photo. What else can a guy ask for from his couples? Ellen and Jeremy, thanks for letting me capture this special day of yours. I can't wait to share some more photos in a few weeks!

Be sure to check back on this site later this month/in early June for a full look at Ellen and Jeremy's big day. It was definitely one I can't wait to show off.



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