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*NEW* Michelle & Eric's Wedding Photos Added!

As a wedding photographer, building relationships is the key to any successful shoot.For some clients, it's a matter of showing up on the day of their wedding and doing whatever you can to make them comfortable. For others, it's a year or more of messaging and bouncing ideas back and forth.

For Michelle and Eric, building the relationship was easy as I had already photographed Michelle's brother's wedding back in 2014. And that familiarity paid off in spades as the two has one of the best weddings I've shot in my career thus far.

Seriously. These guys were incredible. Their wedding was incredible. And, more than anything, it was fun. And when you're with a couple this awesome, that's really the only word you can use to describe it.

Michelle and Eric had one of the biggest parties I've seen at a wedding and it makes perfect sense because, getting to know these two, it's clear they're carefree, loving and hilarious individuals.

And I think their wedding photos perfectly captured all those elements of their personality and more.

Check out my latest photo blog on Michelle & Eric's big day, by clicking here:

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