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*NEW* Latasha and Justin's Wedding Photos Added!

Weddings are unique events in that so many little details have to come together just right to really nail what can sometimes be 1-2 years worth of planning. There are so many variables to consider in every possible wedding that no two are ever the same but, by far, the single biggest part of a wedding -- the part that defines it and gives it its character -- is the venue choice.

A good venue can make or break a wedding and, in some cases, even a bad wedding can be saved by an awesome location.

Luckily for Latasha and Justin, their awesome May 2016 wedding in Rehoboth, Massachusetts was not only served well by their venue choice -- Country Gardens -- it was enhanced by it.

Country Gardens is and was unlike any place I've ever seen. With an incredibly helpful staff and a unique natural character all its own, it was the perfect site to stage an upbeat, family friendly and laidback spring wedding for Latasha and Justin's big day.

It makes sense now why this was the part Latasha was most looking forward to for her wedding ... you know, besides the whole marrying the love of her love thing ... and I believe the photos captured this day perfectly.

So, check out this week's new blog on Latasha and Justin's memorable May wedding by clicking here.

I had a blast shooting it and I think you'll have a blast reading about it. As always, thanks for following and let me know what you think!



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