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*NEW* Angela & Shawn's Wedding Photos Added!

Well, folks, we've got something a little bit different on the blog today as I'm going to do a slight throwback to earlier this year to show off my first George Street wedding of the year.

Now, for those of you who follow me regularly, you know I second shoot for a national company called George Street Photography. As such, I am often asked to go to locations and venues I never get to experience otherwise and, because I'm a second shooter for these gigs, there's a lot less pressure on me and I get to get really creative.

I've shot seven George Street weddings this year and they've all been a blast but Angela and Shawn's wedding was the one that started it all of this season so it's only fitting that I finally get around to showing off some of my favorite photos from their wedding.

And of all the fun things about their day, the best (to me anyway) was where the wedding took place.

I love Newport. It's one of the most unique places to visit in that it's only about eight miles of land but, in that eight miles, there's such a rich and vibrant community that it feels much more grand in scope that its sheer size would lead you to believe.

What I love the most about Newport, though, is the rich character it has that you don't get anywhere else. Depending upon WHERE in Newport you're visiting, your experience changes entirely.

For such a small city to have such a grand feel, it's no wonder people are drawn to it from around the world for weddings and Angela and Shawn's April wedding was a perfect example of that.

Because, more than anything, these two had character and their wedding was a great chance to show that character off.

So, check out this week's new blog on Angela & Shawn's spring wedding by clicking here.

As always, thanks for following along and let me know what you think.



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