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*NEW* Amanda & Josh's Engagement Photos Added!

I pride myself as being a photographer who can read couples really well and that tool proved invaluable with Amanda and Josh during their May 2017 engagement session at Scalloptown Park and Goddard Park in East Greenwich, RI.

Amanda and Josh are two of the most relaxed people I've ever met and so you can imagine my concern when they told me about a previous engagement shoot they did where they felt completely uncomfortable and anxious the entire time.

My goal for the shoot was to get this bride and groom to let their guard down and not even three minutes in, they both remarked how much better they felt with me than their previous photographer, a badge I wore with honor.

What I didn't know was how at ease they would make me feel as our two and a half hours together felt like 10 minutes and resulted in, arguably, the best engagement photo shoot I've ever had.

To say I'm looking forward to this couple's wedding day is a massive understatement. It can't be 2018 soon enough.

So, if you'd like to check out one of my favorite couples of the year and see why I'm so excited to shoot their wedding, check out Amanda & Josh's photos by clicking here.

-PJS 6/16/17

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