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*NEW* Jessica & Keiran's Engagement Photos Added!

One of the notions I fight hardest against as a wedding photographer is the idea that you're required to be super serious during your engagement or wedding photos. Yes, I get it. It's a serious moment and you should treat it as such but that doesn't mean you can't ALSO be yourself and take photos that reflect your personality.

And the reason I encourage my clients to be themselves during these sessions is it often yields better photographs. Case in point: Jessica and Keiran's August engagement session in southern Rhode Island.

Jessica and Keiran are a couple I met thanks to my go-to second photographer Stacey and I'm glad I did. A young couple, these two are incredibly sweet and fun to be around and on the day of their engagement session, I got to see their relationship dynamics up close and personal as the two couldn't help but be silly from start to finish. While other photographers might shy away from showing that in their photos, I actually think it enhanced it and made the session one of the most fun ones I've had thus far.

So, check out one of the most most fun and silly engagement shoots I've ever had by taking a look at Jessica and Keiran's engagement session here.

As always, thanks for following along and let me know what you think!

-PJS 9/11/17

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