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*NEW* Dallas & Nicky's Wedding Photos Added!

Whenever I'm photographing a wedding, I can usually tell what kind of day it was by the way I feel after the final song is played and, if that's the case, Dallas and Nicky's September wedding at the Crowne Plaza Hotel can best be summed up with one image: Me, sitting on the floor at the back edge of the sweetheart table, equipment on the ground, completely and totally spent.

That's the type of wedding day Dallas and Nicky had, a day where you're going wild for 13 hours and collapse in a ball the moment the party stops. And I loved EVERY moment of it.

Dallas and Nicky had the kind of wedding you dream of as a photographer: A day so perfect, almost everything seems to go right (including the weather.) It was, by far, the toughest wedding day I had to document this year but also one of the most fun as this bride and groom, and their entire friends and family for that matter, knew how to throw a party and never let up.

Whether it was trying to wrangle together