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*NEW* Dallas & Nicky's Wedding Photos Added!

Whenever I'm photographing a wedding, I can usually tell what kind of day it was by the way I feel after the final song is played and, if that's the case, Dallas and Nicky's September wedding at the Crowne Plaza Hotel can best be summed up with one image: Me, sitting on the floor at the back edge of the sweetheart table, equipment on the ground, completely and totally spent.

That's the type of wedding day Dallas and Nicky had, a day where you're going wild for 13 hours and collapse in a ball the moment the party stops. And I loved EVERY moment of it.

Dallas and Nicky had the kind of wedding you dream of as a photographer: A day so perfect, almost everything seems to go right (including the weather.) It was, by far, the toughest wedding day I had to document this year but also one of the most fun as this bride and groom, and their entire friends and family for that matter, knew how to throw a party and never let up.

Whether it was trying to wrangle together one of the largest and rowdiest wedding parties I've ever seen, watching them come into the reception with wild WWE theme music or photographing a room full of guests dueling with full-length glow sticks, there was never a dull moment on this bride and groom's big day.

In fact, when all was said and done, I shot almost twice as many photos at Dallas and Nicky's wedding as I do most others and, when you look at the results, it's easy to see why.

Like I said before, it really was a perfect day. And I can't think of a couple who deserved it more.

So, if you'd like to see one of my best weddings of the 2017 season, featuring an amazing couple and one of the rowdiest 80s-inspired receptions I've ever seen, head on over to Dallas and Nicky's wedding day blog by clicking here.

As always, thanks for following and be sure to let me know what you think below.

-PJS 11/6/17

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