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*NEW* Check out Nathan & Amy's Big Day!

Most of us won't admit it but by the time you get through September and October as a wedding photographer, which are traditionally the busiest months of the year, all you really want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep for about four months.

It's why late fall/early winter weddings are some of the most difficult shoots of the year. And that doesn't even factor in the rapidly deteriorating weather conditions and the fact that the sunshine, in New England at least, is just about gone by 4:30 p.m.

It takes a lot of energy and motivation to get through those final shoots of the year and that's why I was so happy when I walked into Nathan and Amy's wedding in November of last year as I knew it was going to be my final wedding of 2017, I was merely a second shooter so I didn't have much responsibilities and the bride and groom were a really sweet couple having a laid back and beautiful wedding day.

And I can't think of a better way to have closed 2017 as their formal photos took place at one of my favorite spots to shoot in all of Rhode Island (The Statehouse) and their reception was at one of my favorite venues to boot in Quidnessett Country Club.

And while we may be two months into the new year now, it's never a bad thing to reflect on the year that was and the lessons learned from a great wedding to close it all out.

So, if you'd like to check out Nathan and Amy's beautiful November wedding, which my last one of 2017 and a great way to close the year out, click here.

As always, thanks for the follow and let me know what you think!

-PJS 2/19/18

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