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*NEW* Ali & Gary's Wedding Photos Added!

Strip away all of the pressure that goes into planning a wedding and all of the little decisions you have to make from attire and location to menus and playlists and, if you're lucky, what you're left with is a special day to celebrate having found the love of your life with the people you care the most about in this world.

Thankfully, I constantly get to see this life lesson play out in the real world as most of the couples I work with take this approach to heart. But I don't think I've ever seen it play out as beautifully as it did during Ali and Gary's May 2018 wedding at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center.

Right from the moment I met this couple, they told me their only priority was throwing an amazing, casual party where their friends and family could dance the night away and, boy, did they ever.

I may shoot up to 40 weddings this year and who knows how many hundreds for the rest of my career but I don't know if I'll ever see a group of people who were as genuinely happy and carefree as the guests at Ali and Gary's wedding and all you to do was listen to how many of them said it was the "best wedding ever!" as the night rolled on.

Looking back on the photos, it's kind of hard to argue with them. This one was, indeed, one to remember.