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*NEW* Amber & Justin's Wedding Photos Added!

I've always believed you get rewarded for your attitude in life. Nowhere is this more true than on a wedding day.

In my experience, high maintenance couples have high maintenance wedding days that are super stressful. On the flip side, couples that go into their nuptials with a smile on their face and a relaxed attitude tend to have wedding days that reflect that.

And, I'll be honest, that's all I could think about as Amber and Justin tied the knot back in June at the North Beach Clubhouse in Narragansett.

A super chill and relaxed couple, Amber and Justin refused to let the dark and cloudy skies rain on their parade and, consequently, they were rewarded for that stress-free attitude with a stress-free wedding day where what seemed like inevitable rain held off until they were long inside for the party.