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*NEW* Beth & Bryan's Wedding Photos Added!

One of the biggest benefits to shooting a wedding for a bride and groom you've known as friends for years is, by and large, you can predict how their wedding day will go long before they walk down the aisle.

Back in August, I lucky enough to photograph Beth and Bryan's beautiful day at Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and that was certainly the case.

I've known Beth and Bryan for years and have shot multiple weddings for the folks closest to them. Because of this, I knew their wedding was going to be a crazy fun affair full of laughter, tender moments and lots and LOTS of line dancing. And this was not a day that would disappoint.

Beth and Bryan's wedding was everything I hoped for and much, much more and getting to see them say "I do" brought a huge smile to my face. In fact, that smile was dwarfed only by the one that I would wear when I saw how the photos came out. Talk about a day to remember ...

So, if you'd like to see one of the most fun couples I know on one of the happiest days of their lives, check out Beth and Bryan's beautiful summer wedding for yourself by clicking here.

As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think my leaving a comment below. :)



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