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*NEW* Patti & Bob's Wedding Photos Added!

Call me old fashioned but I truly love a good love story and few have hit me in the feels the way Patti and Bob's did when I first sat down with them last year to talk about their August 2018 wedding.

Patti and Bob have been friends for over 20 years and met when they were coworkers who bonded over a car Patti owned. Through two decades, the two were incredibly close and their wedding day was as much a celebration of that friendship as it was the formal joining of husband and wife.

I love couples who have connections like this before they walk down the aisle and I find their wedding days are among the most fun I get to shoot as everyone around them is usually so excited to see them "make it official" and incredibly eager to celebrate this milestone moment for people they love and care for deeply.

And celebrate is exactly what Patti and Bob did, with one of the most relaxed weddings and receptions I've had the pleasure of being at in years.

This truly was a day 25 years in the making ...

So, if you'd like to see why Patti and Bob's wedding day was the picture perfect culmination of a lifelong friendship, check out their photos for yourself by clicking here.

As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think my leaving a comment below. :)



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