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*NEW* Cara & Brandon's Wedding Photos Added!

Taken at its very core, the idea of marriage is to bring together two people together to form one bond as a couple where each person becomes a little better and a little stronger than they were before. It's an idea that can get lost in all the pageantry and chaos of a wedding day and that's why nothing brings me greater joy than seeing this idea in action the way it was as Cara and Brandon walked down the aisle and exchanged their vows at First Baptist Church in Hope Valley, Rhode Island back in November.

For as much as this day was about this bride and groom celebrating the next chapter in their lives, it was also about the two of them officially becoming a family with Brandon's daughter Tayden and the look in HER eyes as they said "I do" said everything you needed to know about how much this day meant to not just the people at its center but all those around them.