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*NEW* Stacey & Mack's Wedding Photos Added!

Weddings are defined by moments. Sometimes they're the big moments of a day, like seeing each other for the first time or a bride and groom's first kiss. Other times, they're the smaller moments you might not even realize matter on the actual day you get married but later look back fondly on for the rest of your lives.

For Stacey and MacKenzy, there was a moment at the end of their wedding night back in December at Independence Harbor that stole the show completely.

As they danced in a circle of their closest friends and family members, and their son ran around with a glowing light stick, their live music performer Matty B. started singing "Take me home tonight" by Eddie Money and the place erupted.

The bride and groom ran around in circles, shaking hands with everyone in their reach and loudly sang the song in unison with everyone on the dance floor while laughing and smiling and truly living in that moment in time.

It was the perfect way to cap one of the most fun wedding days I've been a part of but, for Stacey and Mack, it was just the cherry on top of what was already a night they'd never forget.

So, if you're like me and love fun wedding days that are both sweet and sentimental while still downright fun, check out Stacey and Mack's big day by clicking here.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think below.

-PJS 1/21/19

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