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*NEW* Ariel & Sathia's Engagement Photos Added!

There are a number of reasons that I love Rhode Island but one of the strongest, by far, is just how diverse the culture is in this big little state. As a wedding photographer in the Ocean State, you're bound to come across all kinds of couples and all kinds of cultures and until I met Ariel and Sathia, I somehow managed to miss one of the world's biggest: Buddhist.

While Ariel and Sathia are planning to have an American traditional wedding ceremony in December, I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek into Sathia's religious upbringing during the pair's May engagement session at Dhamagosnaram Buddhist Temple in Cranston and I loved what I saw.

Not only were these two so sweet together and so loving but the traditional religious attire they chose to wear and aspects of the religion they chose to bring into this shoot were something totally new and unexpected for me.

And what a great time it was getting to document it all.

So, if you'd like to see one of the most spiritual and colorful engagement sessions I've ever shot, check out Ariel & Sathia's May engagement session at Dhamagosnaram Buddhist Temple by clicking here.

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think!



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