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*NEW* Brittany & Giovanni's Engagement Photos Added!

As much as I would love to have as wide a variety of engaged couples as possible, if I had my way, they'd all share one key quality: The ability to be flexible and adapt to whatever we encounter on an assignment.You never know what the real world is going to throw at you and, in my experience, the best clients are the ones willing to roll with the punches.

Perhaps that's why I loved Brittany and Giovanni so much during their August engagement shoot at Colt State Park in Bristol, Rhode Island. See, originally, we weren't supposed to go to Colt State Park. Our shoot was scheduled for Independence Park on Thames Street in Bristol. But, after a few minutes of photographing these future newlyweds on the lovely dock outside of many amazing Bristol restaurants, we … well, we ran out of places to shoot.

Thankfully, in Rhode Island you're never far from a beautiful location and Colt State Park would prove quite the spot to capture some beautiful portraits of a beautiful and super fun to work with future bride and groom.

So, if you like laidback couples and beautiful engagement sessions on the water, check out Brittany & Giovanni's August engagement session at Colt State Park by clicking here.

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think!



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