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*NEW* Jacqueline & Michael's Wedding Photos Added!

It can be so tempting when you're getting married to sterilize every aspect of your day and conform to the standard decor and traditions of what you think a wedding is "supposed to be" that you forget what it's "supposed to be" is about you.

Because of this, I absolutely LOVE when couples find cool ways to show off their true personalities and nowhere was this clearer during Jacqueline and Michael's October wedding at Saphire Estate in Sharon, Massachusetts, than in the little ways they highlighted their love of the Boston Bruins.

Be it a Bruins-colored tie for the groom, his matching set of cuff links and socks, the bride's Bruins garter or their hockey-infused centerpieces and invitations, you couldn't walk away from their wedding wondering where their sports allegiance lies.

But it was their wedding cake that, to me, summed up the day nicely. On one side, it was the standard three-level white cake. But on the back? Nothing but Bruins logos everywhere.

That theme of staying timeless when necessary and respecting the magnitude of a classic wedding while also finding ways your own personality and spirit is why Jacqueline and Michael's wedding was so much fun and a truly awesome day for both the bride and groom at the center of it and the photographer hired to document it all.

So, if you want to see the many reasons why I won't soon forget Jacqueline and Michael's wedding and reception, check out their big day for yourself by clicking here.

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think below.



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